Product Updates: Sellercloud > Order Management

Improvement March 25, 2024

Inventory Tooltip

We have added a new Inventory Client Setting: Show Available Instead Of Physical Quantity In Product Availability Tooltip. This setting controls what information is displayed when you hover over the icon tooltip in the Items panel of the Order Details page. When enabled, the tooltip will show the item’s current available inventory rather than the physical. Note that any reserves related to the specific order you are viewing will be included in the available inventory shown in the tooltip.

New March 20, 2024

Reprint Shipping Labels in Delta

Shipping labels printed through Shipbridge are now available to download through the Delta Interface. To use this feature, navigate to the  Order Details page > Toolbox > Shipping. You will find the new button in the Shipping Details panel header. This functionality is only available if the label was originally printed from a Shipbridge application running version or later and the label format is not EPL.

New March 19, 2024

Orders Not Shipped on Channel

By going to the Orders Not Shipped on the Channel page, you can see a list of all current orders marked as Shipped in Sellercloud but still not showing any tracking information on the respective channel. The search results will be based on the last order report received from each respective sales channel, and you can perform related order actions in bulk without going to the Manage Orders page. This feature can be especially useful in recognising syncing issues as well as resolving one-off cases.

Improvement March 5, 2024

Authorized Houzz Orders

We have added the ability to import Houzz Orders with Payment Status Authorized. The setting Import Orders as UpPaid has been substituted with a new setting called Import Orders As, which allows you to pick Paid, UnPaid, or Authorized from a dropdown. You can configure this on the Houzz General Company Settings. If you select UnPaid or Authorized, you may need to manually add the payment information later.

Improvement February 29, 2024

Support for New Placeholders

We have added support for new Word2PDF invoice placeholders:

  • #?UCCBarcodeLabel?# – generates a barcode based on the Package ID and the Order ID.
  • #?PaymentTermName?# – Pulls the name of the relevant Payment Term.
  • #?PaymentDueDateByUserTerm?# – Payment due date for Customer Credit Terms.
  • #?PaymentDueDateByOrderTerm?# – Payment due date for the Order Credit Term.

Additionally, we have added #?PurchaseOrderID?# as a Placeholder for Email Templates.

Fix February 22, 2024

Download Orders From Shopify

We have added a tooltip with a warning message on the Download Orders From Shopify page: Order IDs should be fully numeric, like 5360204908230. For multiple Orders, use comma-separated values. This method for manually downloading Shopify Orders expects the long numeric Shopify Order ID, any other format will be rejected. This method is mostly used after initially integrating your Shopify site with Sellercloud or to re-download a problem order.

New February 9, 2024

Exclusive Order Filters

We have added two new filters to the Manage Orders page: Not in Company and Not in Channel. Most of the filters on this page are inclusive, meaning that the results are orders that contain the selected value. However, these two function in the opposite way, allowing you to exclude a certain company or channel from the search results. These can be especially useful when creating a Saved View for automations, such as an Export Scheduled Task or for the Order Rule Engine.

Improvement February 7, 2024

Pin Order Notes

Sometimes, Order Notes can pile up, especially if there are too many system-generated ones. This could cause important messages to get buried and potentially missed by employees. If there is an especially important note you need to make sure is visible, you can now Pin it to the top of the list by clicking the push pin icon on the right. This feature is available for all users with the Client Admin Role or to Employees with the Advanced Order Permission Pin Order Notes enabled.