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Confirmation labels, also known as License Plates, indicate that the items in an order have been accurately put together and are ready for shipping, thus adding an additional layer of precision. This process also lets you set the confirmed packages aside and avoid having to ship them immediately. Once you’re ready to proceed with shipping, simply scan the license plate labels in Shipbridge to retrieve the orders.

This article will guide you through the Confirmation Label workflow as it relates to Scan and Ship.

Confirmation Codes in Shipbridge

To generate and scan confirmation codes in Shipbridge, you must properly configure your shipping stations.

If you are a Skublox user and have chosen to print your license plate labels from the Skublox Hub instead, follow the instructions outlined here to proceed with shipping.

To enable the Confirmation Label workflow, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Designate Machine 1 as a Confirmation Station 

  • Scan all the required items for your order.
  • After scanning the items, a unique Confirmation Code number will print.

Step 2: Designate Machine 2 as a Shipping Station

  • Instead of scanning individual items or order IDs, scan the Confirmation Code printed by Machine 1.
  • After scanning the Confirmation Code, Shipbridge will proceed to print the shipping label.

Scanner Side

Once an order is fully assembled, navigate to Scan and Ship in Shipbridge to confirm the order is ready to be shipped.

To utilize the Confirmation Label workflow as a scanner, enable the Use Confirmation Code process to scan items and Don’t allow orders to be scanned if the confirmation label is printed already checkboxes in the Scan and Ship tab.

To do that:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Options > Scan and Ship and enable both settings as shown below.
  2. Next, click Scan and Ship to search for your order and scan its SKUs to verify that it is fully assembled.
    If you’re a Skublox user but prefer to use Shipbridge to print license plates and release the slots on your Skublox wall, enable the Shipbridge setting Show order selection by SkuBlox barcode to allow searching by the slot barcode.

  3. When you scan all items on the order, the system will generate and print a confirmation code instead of shipping the order immediately.
This action will mark the order as confirmed and exclude it from future scanning attempts.

Continue scanning orders as needed. Once completed, the shipper can scan the confirmation codes and proceed with shipping.

Shipper Side

Now that the orders have their confirmation codes printed, navigate to Scan and Ship in Shipbridge to generate shipping labels.

To utilize the Confirmation Label workflow as a shipper, enable the Use Confirmation Code to ship orders and Require Confirmation code before printing invoice checkboxes in the Scan and Ship tab.

To do that:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Options > Scan and Ship and ensure that the Use Confirmation Code to ship orders and Require Confirmation code before printing invoice checkboxes are enabled.
  2. Click Scan and Ship to access the Scan and Ship panel.
  3. Next, scan your confirmed orders and ship them with your desired carrier.

Learn more about license plate confirmation labels in Skustack and Skublox.

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