Product Updates

New October 13, 2020

Business Name

Business Name is now available as a custom column on the Manage Order page.

Improvement October 12, 2020

Import Mapping Profiles

You can access the Import Mapping Profile Details page from your Manage Import Mapping Tool page: Go to your Manage Import Mapping Profiles page > Search for your profile > Click your profile.

Improvement October 12, 2020

Import Mapping Tool

You can now access your Manage Import Mapping Tool page under Settings: Click Settings > Mapping Tools > Manage Import Mapping Profiles.

New October 9, 2020

Custom Filters

We have added the following custom filters to help you search for purchase orders on the Manage Purchase Orders page:

  • Priority
  • Description
  • Brand
  • Exported
  • PO/Order Relationship
Fix October 8, 2020

GetAllCatalog Service

When running REST API GetAllCatalog service, you will now receive BrandID and ManufacturerID as responses.

New October 8, 2020

Inventory Filters

The following inventory filters were added to the Manage Catalog page:

  • EAN
  • Picklist ID
  • Manufacturer Names