Product Updates

Improvement November 5, 2020

PayPal Details

On the Order Details > Payments toolbox > Paypal Payments panel, the Transaction # now links to view Paypal details.

New November 4, 2020

RMA Endpoints

Added two new REST API endpoints for getting RMA saved views and RMAs by saved view ID.

New November 3, 2020

New Change Log

A new Change Log is now available under the Client Settings.

Improvement November 2, 2020

Add Products to PO

When creating a new PO, Qty and Unit Price fields are now available in the Add Products modal and the Products toolbox.

Improvement October 30, 2020

Assign Invoice Templates

You can now assign invoice templates and printers per merchant or per channel. With help from our Support team, you can enable your Shipbridge system to allow some templates, like the Generic_Half/Half template, to print invoices and shipping labels on whichever printer you have available.

New October 29, 2020

Shipbridge Updates

A clickable Update is now available. A message alert will pop up when new versions of Shipbridge are available for installation. Click the message and you will be prompted to download the most updated version of Shipbridge. If you are using a recalled version of Shipbridge, you will receive a warning message.

New October 29, 2020

Order Search

A new filter lets you search for orders using aliases: Go to Menu > Click Customize interface > Select the Filters tab > Check Allow alias and shadow SKU match in filter. This also lets you search for orders by FNSKU if you set the FNSKU as an alias and check the new filter.