Product Updates

New November 19, 2020

Put-To-Light or Pick-To-Light

Choose your order sorting workflow – Put-To-Light or Pick-To-Light (a Skustack-exclusive integration) – whenever you create a new Skublox wall.

Improvement November 18, 2020

Sorting Multiple Products

Sorting multiple products is now more intuitive (requires Allow sorting of multiple product units at once in the Hub’s Preferences).

New November 17, 2020

Lot Number/Expiration Tracking Workflow

(Beta-only): Available for Skustack bin-enabled warehouses, the new Lot Number/Expiration Tracking workflow will let you track Lot Numbers, the PO they were received on, and the orders/FBA shipments they left on. This feature requires the Enable Lot Expiry Workflow in Skustack option in Sellercloud’s Client Settings and the products must be set to IsExpirable.

New November 16, 2020

Transfer Products in Bins

We have now added a new icon in Manage Bins that lets you easily bulk-transfer all products from the current bin to another one.

Improvement November 13, 2020

Wholesale Invoices

You can now print a PDF-type format of the wholesale invoices that you created from a Word template (Company > Invoice Settings > Wholesale Invoice Type > Word To PDF).

Improvement November 12, 2020

Manage Picklists

The Manage Picklist page now has a View Orders in Manage Orders action so you can quickly view orders included in one or more picklists.

Improvement November 11, 2020

Export Mapping Tool Preview

The Export Mapping Tool has a new Preview feature, which lets you enter an order/SKU/PO and download an Excel File to see a sample of how the mapped information will look when exported.

Improvement November 10, 2020

RMA – Export Field

Added the Exported field into the RMA Update REST API service request, so an RMA can be marked as Exported / Not Exported.

Fix November 9, 2020

Product Fields

We have added several fields that were missing from the Product page.