Flexible pricing that suits any budget

Small or large businesses? Our pricing model suits them all.

Simple and transparent pricing based on your order volume

Flexible options that suit any budget.

Standard orders
FBA orders
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Standard orders
First 1 - 5,000$0.25
5,001 - 10,000$0.20
10,001 - 30,000$0.15
30,001 - 60,000$0.10
60,001 - 120,000$0.05
All additional orders 120,001+$0.02
FBA orders
First 1 - 5,000$0.10
5,001 - 10,000$0.05
10,001 - 30,000$0.04
30,001 - 60,000$0.03
60,001 - 120,000$0.02
All additional orders 120,001+$0.01


Orders total$1,000.00 (min*)
– standard$0.00
– FBA$0.00

$1,000.00 / mo
Enterprise customers receive a discount on each order. Monthly minimum cost will be $1000 until per order charges exceed $1000. Premium Support is charged at $500 a month and can be canceled at any time.
Premium support is included with all new account subscriptions for 6 months from signing of contract

Get your own dedicated instance

Experience a new level of control
With direct read-only access to your database (SQL) you could create custom reports and so much more — the possibilities are endless.

Some of the benefits of a dedicated instance include:
• Direct access to your database allows you to create custom queries and reports
• More processing power for smoother performance no matter how many orders or SKUs you have
• Dedicated resources for queued jobs - allowing more jobs to be run simultaneously
• Ability to distribute data across drives to prevent data loss
• Improve efficiency and work faster with enhanced read and write performance
• Ensure data integrity in case of power loss
• Dedicated storage for your operating system files, website files including images and database files
• SSD storage for significantly faster performance than traditional mechanical disks
• Additional bandwidth capacity to handle data volume surges
• Secure IP address that can be accessed directly over the internet
• Redundant power supply to ensure that your server always has power
• Additional instances of network devices and communication lines to ensure network availability
• Ability to host your Sellercloud login page on your domain with your own branding
• Flexible scheduling of system updates
• Faster processing speeds
• A VPN to encrypt your connection and make it harder for third parties to track your online activities
• Secure protection against viruses, malware, ransomware, and worms
• A firewall to keep out malicious traffic