S3 Holding

Industry: Apparel, Home & Garden Goods
Founded: 1996
Headquarters: New York, NY
Company Size: 4,650 Employees

“Skublox is an absolute game changer.”

Yossi Kbabieh, Sales Manager

S3 Holding, the parent company that owns and operates brands like New York & Company and Le Tote, are leaders in multicategory product manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing.

Appealing to and targeting all age demographics, S3 Holding primarily focuses on men’s, women’s, and kids fashion and apparel, furniture, and home goods.

Founded by Jack Saadia in 1996 and headquartered in New York, S3 Holding has become a leader in online sales since then, bringing each of its portfolio brands to the forefront of e-commerce by utilizing Sellercloud’s Skustack and Skublox.

The Challenge

Yossi Kbabieh, Sales Manager for S3 Holding, knew it was clear that sales were moving online as early as the mid-2000s.

They had been struggling with day-to-day processes like tracking inventory, product features and editing listings online and needed a solution to help them maximize their operational efficiency and cut labor costs.

In early 2019, S3 Holding was faced with the decision to continue outsourcing most of their warehousing or bring operations in-house.

The following year, a hugely successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale forced S3 Holding to make the decision of whether to ship late or cancel thousands of orders.

The Solution

“We looked at several softwares, but Sellercloud and Skustack were the perfect solutions we had been looking for; it answered almost all of the questions we had been asking ourselves about how we could move our operations in-house,” Yossi Kbabieh, Sales Manager

“Skustack eliminated questions like ‘where is this?’ We know exactly where everything is at all times,” Jack Saadia mentioned. Kbabieh also praised how simple the picking process became saying “The picking is so easy; you can see it live – who picked it, how many pieces were picked, and how much you have left.”

S3 Holding also implemented Skublox, Sellercloud’s sort-to-light solution to help eliminate sorting and shipping errors, revolutionizing the way the company operated with events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Results

Kbabieh credits Sellercloud with much of its expansion and online growth success. “If we didn’t have Sellercloud we wouldn’t have been able to expand to the channels and marketplaces that we did,” Kbabieh said, before adding “For companies out there looking for a solution that’s going to assist with their multi-line orders, Skublox is an absolute game changer.”