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From garden beds to patio chairs and home decor, the home and garden industry is huge – and has been booming as many people have found a new appreciation of at-home hobbies. For home and garden e-commerce merchants, it’s more important than ever to have a strong management of warehouses, inventory, product catalogs, order fulfillment and more.
Sellercloud is an omnichannel e-commerce growth platform that will allow your business to grow – all while saving time, money, and knowing that you have all your inventory and shipping under control. Sellercloud is the ultimate e-commerce management system.

Growing your Home and Garden e‑commerce business

The home and garden industry reaches everything from helping consumers build the perfect garden or patio to inspiring a new design for a bedroom. Whether your e-commerce business focuses more on a niche or whether you sell a wide variety of general home and garden merchandise, reaching more customers is likely a top goal. By adding more online channels and managing them well, more and more customers will be able to purchase your products – allowing your business to expand faster than ever.

For home and garden e-commerce businesses, there can be a lot of competition. Everywhere from big box stores to small boutiques sell items in this category. That’s why it’s important to grow your customer base and be able to handle large numbers of orders across many channels. By selling on multiple large online channels – Walmart and Amazon among them – you’ll quickly increase the number of orders you receive. And in order to quickly and smoothly ship out those orders, Sellercloud’s omnichannel features will help you keep everything sorted.

And when it comes to home and garden, many items are large (such as fireplaces or outdoor furniture), fragile (planting pots), or even perishable (seeds may expire). To prevent costly returns, fraud of expensive items, or selling expired stock, it’s necessary to keep close track of warehouse items. Ensure all your stock is up-to-date with Sellercloud’s warehouse features. For example, prevent backordering by using Sellercloud’s auto-reorder feature. And if a customer does need to return an item, you can track any communication and the return information right from Sellercloud.

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Sellercloud offers a variety of technologies to improve workflow. Manage inventory and warehouses using Sellercloud’s Skustack and Skublox solutions. Scanned items will be tracked from warehouse to warehouse so you’ll never lose track of your inventory. Increase productivity and accuracy even more with Sellercloud’s 4D Scale.

Sellercloud is your all-in-one e-commerce management system. Manage all channels from one single interface — no more switching from screen to screen. Integrate with dozens of channels and increase your profits.

Never wonder where your product is or whether you need to repurchase — Sellercloud’s automated tools track and manage everything for you. Automate everything from re-ordering stock to sending out order emails. From tracking shipping to creating yearly reports, Sellercloud does it all.

Integration with QuickBooks allows for accurate financials so you know where your money is going. Shipping is easy with out of the box integrations with all major shipping partners. Whether you’re currently working with just one or two channels or are managing several, Sellercloud is the perfect way to up your game. Achieve your e-commerce goals with Sellercloud.

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