MP Brands

Based in Farmingdale, New Jersey, MP Brands has been serving customers around the world since 1917. The company’s mission is to solve consumer problems through unique, best-in-class products.

With capabilities that include product development, branding, marketing, e-commerce, wholesale, distribution, and warehousing, MP Brands creates excellent buying experiences.

The Challenge

Back in 2010, when e-commerce began to snowball, management at MP Brands realized that they needed to pivot their business model to incorporate selling products online.

“We started to look at e-commerce and found it challenging to make the shift,” said Maria Livolsi, Vice President of Operations and Business Development.

“We did lots of research and started figuring out how to break into e-commerce and what tools we needed to do that. We ultimately started to sell items through our existing website,” Livolsi added.

As MP Brands’s online business expanded, it quickly outgrew its manual order entry process using QuickBooks. “We got to the point where we couldn’t enter orders fast enough,” said Maria, “We just couldn’t keep up.”

The company quickly switched to a popular enterprise resource planning system. “We used that system for about three years, but it was a total disaster,” said Maria. “It cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we realized minimal gains in terms of efficiency and productivity.”

MP Brands cut its losses and returned to using QuickBooks. However, this meant that the company needed an integrator—a company that could handle all of the seven e-commerce channels MP Brands used to sell products.

The Solution

After an exhaustive search, Maria found Sellercloud. She ultimately chose Sellercloud because of the unique capabilities and services that she couldn’t find elsewhere. “We searched high and low until we found Sellercloud,” said Livolsi.

“We selected Sellercloud because it was the only provider out there that could easily manage all of our 1P, 3P, and EDI channels. In addition to an excellent built-in shipping system for those channels, Sellercloud had the integration capability that we needed,” Livolsi explained.

Maria was also pleased with Sellercloud’s distinctive pricing structure. “The way the Sellercloud team billed us was completely fair and unlike the other providers,” said Maria, “They didn’t come in and charge us thousands of dollars to develop an integration solution for our channels. They already had the solution built. We only had to pay fees based on the number of transactions we had.”

According to Maria, the integration process for Sellercloud’s products (Shipbridge, Receivebridge, and Quickbridge) went smoothly. She handled the integration herself while having access to help notes to walk her through the process.

When she ran into difficulties, she either opened a customer service ticket or made a phone call to speak with someone directly. “I’m delighted with Sellercloud’s customer service team,” said Maria, “They are very responsive to our needs. They’ve even done some custom development for us. Although they could have charged us for it, they didn’t because it was such a good idea they rolled it out to all of their customers. That was fantastic. No other provider would do that.”

The Results

Sellercloud helped MP Brands to integrate seven e-commerce channels, resulting in unparalleled convenience and accessibility for customers. This integration led to significant financial savings for the business.

Operations were streamlined and workflows improved, maximizing time savings and enhancing overall productivity. The unwavering commitment to quality customer service ensured that every interaction was met with efficiency and satisfaction.

“Thanks to Sellercloud, we can do things that we couldn’t do before, and, whenever we want to do more, Sellercloud is right there with a solution.”

Maria Livolsi, Vice President of Operations and Business Development