Receivebridge by Sellercloud

Receive purchase orders and have new inventory instantly available on your sales channels.
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Key Features

Scan purchase orders

Easily access and process your purchase orders and RMAs with Receivebridge.

Verify quantities

Received items and quantities are cross-checked with their PO to ensure that the order is fully received.

Account security

Your team can receive and update inventory without the need for direct access to the rest of Sellercloud.

Save product properties

Save product details like SKU and product weight for future shipments and workflows.

Track every item

Know who received each item and when it was received.

Sync inventory

Your items inventory levels and availability on sales channels can be automatically updated as soon as your purchase orders are received.

Track order progress

If an order is not completely fulfilled, the PO will remain open in Receivebridge with its corresponding status.

Serial number tracking

Set up a serial number requirement for expensive items to prevent fraudulent returns.

Track returns

Return items can also be scanned through Receivebridge and have their information updated.

Why Receivebridge?

Receivebridge is Sellercloud’s Purchase Order and RMA receiving app. Receivebridge is a separate Desktop application that can be used independently from the main Sellercloud platform. Your receiving department is able to seamlessly access purchase orders and RMA related information without having to log into Sellercloud.