Adir Group

Industry: Apparel
Founded: 2016
Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY
Company Size: 30 Employees

“When we saw that online sales were beginning to take off, we knew we needed to grow.”

Ezra Avidan, President and Founder

Adir Group, founded by brothers Jack, Ezra, and David Avidan in 2016, is a family-owned and operated footwear brand based in Brooklyn. After a short time selling their shoes in a small retail store, the company decided to move completely online with growing e-commerce opportunities.

Once fully invested in e-commerce, Adir Group urgently needed a warehouse management system. Having developed their own line of footwear and looking to expand quickly and efficiently, Adir Group turned to Sellercloud to help fuel their expansion into online marketplaces like and others.

The Challenge

For the founding Avidan brothers, business was in their blood. Coming from generations of merchants, manufacturers, and wholesalers, it was simply a matter of time before they created something of their own.

Starting with a few items in a small clothing retail store in 2016, it didn’t take long to realize that the next evolution of marketplaces were moving online. “When we saw that online sales were starting to take off, we decided to get our hands into that pot,” Jack mentioned. “We found our niche in womens footwear, and from there, we needed to grow,” Ezra explained.

As soon as they shut the retail store down though, they realized the need for a warehouse management system.

“We couldn’t walk around with a pen and paper and take notes manually. I interviewed at least five to ten warehouse solution companies.”Ezra Avidan, President and Founder

The Solution

It didn’t take long to see that Sellercloud was exactly what we were looking for. “It was everything in one,” Jack noted. As they began to grow their warehouse operations, they found Sellercloud’s automation most helpful. Because Sellercloud is integrated with most online e-commerce marketplaces, they didn’t have to manually update or track inventory; it was all automated.

As they began to expand their own brand with their first line of footwear, Floopi, they also found an increased need to integrate with large online marketplaces like

“I needed something that, when we get new products, I can have my team fill out information once on Sellercloud and know that it’s online on Walmart, for example,” Ezra Avidan, President and Founder

The Results

The benefits of using Sellercloud for warehouse management, inventory tracking, and operations far exceeded the Avidan brothers’ expectations. “70% of my business is run by Sellercloud now – from scanning, receiving, and picking my products to dealing with my images or Quickbooks, shipping … the list goes on. Everything is integrated.”

Sellercloud’s integration with has taken them to another level.

“We’re doing 5x, 6x – maybe even 10x – as much business as we were doing before Sellercloud.”

Ezra Avidan, President and Founder