P3 Global

Industry: Consumer Goods
Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Morton Grove, IL
Company Size: 4 Employees


“Sellercloud is the choice for any business that wants to grow and expand and get into multiple marketplaces.”

Dhruv Patel, P3 Partner

P3 Global designs, develops, and distributes new and exciting consumer products that eventually go into retail as well as online distribution. Headquartered outside of Chicago in Morton Grove, IL, the trio of founders, all brothers, have taken P3 Global from a project in a dorm room and a basement to a burgeoning online company with multiple warehouse locations.

As a young company facing an ever-expanding world of e-commerce head on, P3 Global came to Sellercloud for organization, simplified tools, and efficiency.

The Challenge

Initially, P3 Global focused on selling mobile accessories and consumer electronics. In time though, they would expand to categories like toys, home storage, and consumer household items. The developing breadth of products created vast opportunities to expand into different markets, but also presented significant challenges with a growing number of SKUs in different categories.

As the company began to grow, it was clear to the Prajapati brothers that they would need to reorganize and streamline their efforts to take their business to the next level.

“We started to realize that we simply had too many partners. One was our shipping provider; we had software that helped us list our products online. But as our wholesale and distribution business started to really pick up, it became challenging to manage all of the inventory, the financials, and also keep track of all of the sales in one system,” Vimal Prjajapati, President and CEO of P3 Global.

The Solution

Moving from the dorm room to the basement to the warehouse would have been impossible without Sellercloud, the P3 team noted. “We weren’t able to do any of that until Sellercloud came into the picture and was able to automate our processes and enable us to grow,” P3 Partner Dhruv Patel said.

For P3, two features Sellercloud brought to the table stood out the most: 1) ReceiveBridge, Sellercloud’s solution for seamless tracking of incoming purchase orders, and 2) the ability to ‘kit,’ or batch multiple products together into channel listings and orders.

“We have so many different products that we offer as standalone items or groups, so the kitting feature was very, very important to us,” Prajapati said. “It allowed us to create many more SKUs than we would have been able to before, each of which created much more value for our customers.”

The Results

Especially as P3 expanded into new markets and product categories, integrating the company’s innerworkings with Sellercloud was essential. “We tried many different providers in the past, and none were even close to what Sellercloud provides at a customer service or customization standpoint,” Patel noted.

Prajapati praised Sellercloud’s customer support and ability to grow alongside operations as they grow as well. “We’re absolutely enthused and very happy with our relationship with Sellercloud,” he mentioned.