Industry: Home & Garden Products
Founded: 1987
Headquarters: Chatsworth, CA
Company Size: 38 Employees


“There’s no way that we could have handled all of our SKUs and e-commerce channels without help from the Sellercloud team. They made our lives so much better, and working with them means that we can scale up at any rate.”

Michael Weiser, CEO

A family-owned and operated business founded in the 1980s, Exhart is one of the leaders in the garden decor industry. The company sells a wide variety of unique and fun outdoor art, sculptures, and wind chimes that range from wacky to whimsical to rustic and elegant—all designed to add color and fun to the homeowner’s yard.

The Challenge

CEO of Exhart, Michael Weiser, made a strategic shift in the business in 2018: While continuing to focus on key brick-and-mortar customers in North America, Exhart also concentrated more on growing the business using e-commerce.

“I was sort of dabbling in e-commerce before I realized that it’s complicated dealing directly with all of the various e-commerce platforms independently,” said Michael. “Almost immediately, we started looking for a solution that could pull all the platforms together so we could manage them in one place. We needed an e-commerce aggregator.” That’s when Michael turned to Sellercloud for help.

The Solution

The Sellercloud team made things simple for Exhart. Regardless of the channel, when orders come in, they go into Sellercloud, and Exhart handles the shipping.

Michael finds it easy to work with the Sellercloud team. “Things were challenging at the beginning because we were new to this sort of thing,” he said. “But things got better as we began to use it and understand its capabilities.”

Michael also appreciates the relationship he has with the Sellercloud team.

“We are in constant contact with them—they’re always doing something with us in terms of helping us onboard a new e-commerce platform or setting up new APIs,” Michael Weiser, CEO

The Results

Exhart leveraged Sellercloud to dramatically grow its e-commerce business across 12 different channels. Central to this transformation were Sellercloud’s seamless automations. “We now have third-party logistics partners that handle our warehousing, so orders go from Sellercloud directly to them.” reveals Michael. “Everything is automated. That means we have less manual work.” Michael’s team managed to reduce their daily workload and maximize their productivity.

With Sellercloud, Exhart saw an opportunity to reduce costs and expand their business to the channels that could bring them closer to their target customers.

Sellercloud’s excellent customer support offered Exhart a trusted partner in the company’s growing marketplace success.

“We now have third-party logistics partners that handle our warehousing. Everything is automated. That means we have less manual work.”

Michael Weiser, CEO