Doodah Deals

Industry: Consumer Goods, General Merchandise 
Founded: 1977
Headquarters: Wichita, KS
Company Size: 25 Employees

“With the way we were growing, we had to have something to help us scale that would keep us organized. Sellercoud was the software we had been looking for for a long, long time.”

Kerianne Squitire, Operations Manager and Project Manager

If there’s one thing Doodah Deals knows well, it’s changing inventory and the importance of knowing what’s in the warehouse.

Founded in 1977 and based in Wichita, Kansas, Doodah Deals has pivoted from a purely business-to-business (B2B) model to incorporating more and more business-to-consumer (B2C) operations over time as consumer demands change.

Doodah Deals needed a solution that would help them not only stay on top of inventory and tracking, but also facilitate growth while doing so. Sellercloud enabled them to do just that.

The Challenge

As a daily deal platform that focuses on closeouts and specially discounted items, both the number and type of SKUs are in constant flux.

“We own, ship, and warehouse all of our own inventory, so we have to know what’s on our shelves and have to be able to accurately communicate that to the sites we’re selling that inventory on,” Cale Ostby, Director of E-commerce at Doodah Deals, says.

Our business model allows us to increase our margins and reduce the amount of inventory our partners have to hold on to for us,” said Cale. “It also creates logistical and operations challenges we’re constantly having to readjust and monitor.”

The Solution

For Ostby and the Doodah Deals team, the number one priority in a partner like Sellercloud was finding a one-stop-shop solution for their unique and complex business model and constantly changing inventory.

We tried a couple of platforms before we tried Sellercloud, but none of them could handle Walmart in particular; we needed that,” Ostby says.

Ostby went on to speak more about the expansion and growth they saw once they had implemented Sellercloud.

“The ease of connection to APIs has allowed us to expand our availability of selling channels with little to no effort.” Cale Ostby, Director of E-commerce at Doodah Deals

The Results

Switching to Sellercloud has revolutionized Doodah Deal’s efficiency by saving labor hours, significantly decreasing the time it took to maintain listings across different sales channels.

The same holds true for order accuracy and, from that, the reduced number of customer complaints the customer service team encounters.