Margolin Shoes & Apparel

Industry: Apparel
Founded: 1984
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Company Size: 35 Employees

“Prior to Sellercloud we’d sometimes find that packages we thought had been shipped were actually never sent out.”

Danny Kohanchi, President

Margolin Shoes and Apparel, founded in 1984 and based in Chicago, IL, is a brand name e-commerce dealer in the shoes and sports apparel markets.

As the company was poised to grow, Margolin knew mastering their main challenges, organization and warehouse inventory management, were going to be key to their success. After an introduction to Sellercloud nearly seven years ago, the trajectory of the company was forever changed.

From minimizing human error and inaccurate shipments to offering elite customer service, Margolin saw the potential to significantly increase their efficiency and scale operations. Sellercloud’s proprietary warehouse inventory management software, Skustack, made this possible.

The Challenge

For Margolin, the main challenge was increasing efficiency on the warehouse floor through activities like picking and shipping while, at the same time, expanding their presence to additional sales channels. The right software and employees needed to handle processes like these were still missing as well. Without accurate inventory, shipping tracking abilities, and the respective integration with the employees on the warehouse floor, Margolin’s time, energy, and resources were being wasted.

The Solution

The solution was simple: automation and integration. Margolin needed a system that could not only manage an effective multi-channel strategy, but also one that would be easy to implement with their existing staff and processes. Skustack, Sellercloud’s proprietary warehouse inventory management system, was the all-in-one solution. Errors with incorrect items being shipped, for example, decreased nearly immediately.

The Results

In the year immediately following Margolin’s implementation of Skustack, analysis showed that their previous system “would have never been able to accomplish” what Skustack allowed them to. Kohanchi estimated that they would have needed “50% more staff” meet their needs without the help of Sellercloud and Skustack.

Sellercloud was also able to help Margolin double its sales capacity and channel integrations and cut shipping errors from 5% to less than 1%. Kohanchi also heavily emphasized that Sellercloud brought more than just quantitative results to the table. “Sellercloud is focused on much more than just the billing or bottom line; they build products that are truly helpful to what clients like us need and not just a ‘one- size-fits-all’ piece of software.”

Paired with exceptional customer service, custom integrations, and organization they had not been able to find anywhere else, Margolin found the solution they had been searching for in Sellercloud.