Our Green House

Industry: General Merchandise 
Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Sandy Hook, CT
Company Size: 10 Employees


“I saw that, down the road, we were going to be able to grow with Sellercloud, and that’s what we needed.”

Pam Davis, Founder

As one of the first eco-friendly stores created in the United States, founders Pam and Mike Davis built Our Green House to address the growing demand for safe and healthy alternatives products they could use in their own home. Each gift they source has a deeper meaning and purpose, positively impacting families and communities around the world through one of the 20 different charities and missions they support.

For Our Green House, though efficiency and minimalism were paramount as they moved from retail to digital, they also needed a tool that would grow with the company as more products were sourced, more SKUs were created, and the complexity of her orders increased.

The Challenge

As online marketplaces like Amazon began to offer retailers more and more options online in the 2000’s, Our Green House knew they had to adapt. “Everyone was becoming ‘eco-friendly,’” says Davis.

As part of a rebranding, Our Green House began offering customized gift baskets, each of which consisted of multiple items sourced from multiple origins and suppliers. “It got to the point where Google Docs just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Our inventory was always out of stock; it was impossible to keep track of what we had on hand in real time.”

“I used to wake up in the middle of the night thinking we were going to sell out. We had to have something that solved this problem,” Davis mentioned.

The Solution

Davis did her due diligence, attempting to onboard Our Green House’s inventory management systems and process onto multiple platforms. “A lot of what I found was flashy; lots of pictures and promises. But I didn’t need it. I needed something that would work and that I could rely on, and that became Sellercloud – very quickly.”

The Results

For Davis, it was about the functionality, the ease of use, and the peace of mind knowing her items would be picked and tracked. Within months of implementing Sellercloud, Our Green House was able to save significant employee time and resources and more than double sales, allowing leadership to focus more intently on marketing, additional sourcing, and growth.

“In 2021, there’s absolutely zero reason you should ever have to email a customer explaining you’re out of inventory.”

Pam Davis, Founder