Backpacks USA

Industry: Consumer Goods 
Founded: 1997
Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Company Size: 51 Employees

“A lot of softwares we looked at couldn’t do what we did physically – from batching to kits and custom order options, for example. Sellercloud seemed to do it all, and every bit of it was true.”

Rick Hu, General Manager, Backpacks USA


Backpacks USA places a great deal of importance on its mission to serve customers like schools, students, humanitarian efforts, and corporate partners and their employees.

Founded over 30 years ago as a division of David’s Wholesale of Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida, Backpacks USA has become one of the nation’s largest suppliers of backpacks and accessories by recognizing that partnering with an all-in-one software solution like Sellercloud could and did help them to do just that: grow.

Before Sellercloud

Any company that expects to see significant growth in its future knows critical systems like inventory tracking and shipping must operate at extremely high efficiency with a very high degree of accuracy.

Disruptions processing orders or shipping, for example, could spell disaster for their customers, depending on the situation. Rick Hu, General Manager of Backpacks USA, knew he had to land on the right set of tools the first time.

“Before we found Sellercloud, our ‘tech stack’ largely consisted of a combination of Quickbooks and Webgility,” Hu mentioned. ”Quickbooks had none of the integrations we needed. We were constantly losing track of our inventory and, because of that, also losing track of orders and shipping times. We had built a sort of Frankenstein of tech solutions that delicately balanced on each other, but that also required an immense amount of monitoring and manual effort.”

The Challenge

“Either you match the software or the software matches you,” Hu mentioned.

Upon his arrival at the company in 2021, Rick Hu was tasked with finding and implementing a new software solution that could help take the company to the next level.

That was Hu’s dilemma: continue operating with an inefficient, piecemeal set of tools that held the business’s operations together or look for a new solution. At the time, Backpacks USA had integrated with Amazon, but even that single channel provided enough of a pain point to make significant internal changes.

“We didn’t have a choice. As we started growing and desiring to expand to more channels, we knew we had to find some kind of tech solution that allowed us to track the inventory, coordinate shipping, and help us stay on top of customer service,” Hu explained.

The Solution

For Hu, discovering Sellercloud came in the form of a quick internet search.

“I honestly couldn’t believe it when I first started looking. Something like Sellercloud had been here in front of us the whole time, and we really hadn’t known that,” Hu stated. Hu decided to start with the free trial of Sellercloud, and the rest is history.

Within weeks, Hu realized that the all-in-one solution to his inventory management, shipping, and overall operational efficiency had arrived. “Integrating Sellercloud was amazingly simple for us,” Hu said. “After downloading our data from Quickbooks, we worked directly with the Sellercloud implementation team and were nearly completely onboarded in less than two weeks.”

After Sellercloud

After integrating Sellercloud, Hu saw several major improvements in their overall operations. Namely, he noted that shipping processing times decreased significantly, that inventory was more accurate, and that keeping track of P&L reports and overall margins was much easier.

Ultimately, he praised Sellercloud for bringing the peace of mind of knowing that the business was running smoothly and that, if an issue did arise, they could address it with pinpoint accuracy in less time than ever before.

Sellercloud helped Backpacks USA expand its product catalog to over 5,000 unique, individual SKUs and not only grow its presence on Amazon but also expand to channels like Shopify, Walmart, and TikTok Shop.

Sellercloud also increased the company’s shipping efficiency by such a high margin that they could decrease the size of their team from four to one staff member.