AVX Returns

Client since: 2020
Uses: Sellercloud, 4D Scale, Skublox, Skustack, Shipbridge
Industry: General merchandise
Founded: 2020
Headquarters: Farmingdale, NJ
Company Size: 11-50
Types of items sold: Returned merchandise


“Sellercloud is the backbone of our business.”

Alan Weiss, CEO, AVX Returns

Before Sellercloud

AVX Returns is a returns management solution that helps third-party resellers recover revenue from their returns. “Every third-party seller has lots of returns and most commonly goes to the garbage or sells for pennies on the dollar,” explains Alan Weiss, CEO of AVX Returns.

AVX Returns was created out of necessity, explains Weiss. Before founding AVX Returns, they had another e-commerce company that had a big problem with returns. “We ultimately decided to bring it in-house and make a company out of it to help other third-party sellers,” says Weiss.

Starting in a garage, the company grew quickly, and soon they moved to a warehouse, Chanoch Sussman, COO of AVX Returns, explains. Before they knew it, the warehouses kept getting bigger and bigger.

The Challenge

Phenomenal growth catapulted AVX Returns into several significant challenges. One of the biggest was inventory management. “We had no heads or tails with our inventory. Everything was written down on papers or spreadsheets,” says Weiss, “Things were getting lost and not tracked properly.”

Weiss and Sussman knew there had to be a better way. As their business grew, they needed to track their inventory correctly, or things would only get more challenging to manage.

AVX Returns’s efficiency was also taking a major hit. “Efficiency is everything in a distribution business like ours […] if you’re not efficient you’re taking serious losses,” said Weiss. On top of that, tasks like shipping were becoming more complicated. AVX Returns used different providers for different areas and zones and struggled to manage shipping rates.

It was also crucial for AVX Returns to have a top-down view of its operations to get a clear picture of the company’s profitability. Sussman emphasized that, aside from inventory control, if you don’t understand your reporting and finances and fail to track your costs, your business will suffer. “Unless you have full insight on your costs and everything, you’re not going to survive in today’s world,” he said. Consolidating everything under one roof would also mean AVX Returns could easily identify problems with products or orders and act on those issues.

The Solution

AVX Returns began to search for what they believed could solve their challenges and tried several solutions. “We first started with something smaller,” says Sussman. However, they soon realized it wasn’t suitable for their needs, and too many small things didn’t work as intended.

AVX Returns realized it needed a full-fledged e-commerce solution, and that’s how they came across Sellercloud. “We decided to make the leap towards Sellercloud, and it was a phenomenal decision. We’ve never looked back,” says Weiss.

Sussman goes on to say that from his research, none of the e-commerce solutions on the market offer the same capabilities as Sellercloud. One of the biggest factors that made Sellercloud stand out was the customization it provides. “Sellercloud will go in and tailor it to the specific needs of each customer,” praised Sussman.

Another enormous benefit of Sellercloud is how it gave AVX Returns unmatched inventory control, enabling them to drop inefficient manual processes. The visibility Sellercloud provided into inventory and orders astounded Sussman. “You can see what items are in an order. You can see when you’re receiving the purchase order, you see what was received from each vendor,” he said.

Sussman tells us that one of his favorite features is that he can automatically copy listings from Amazon and duplicate them on other marketplaces like eBay. “You don’t have to go in and fill out the information of each channel individually,” he says.

Sellercloud also helped AVX Returns overcome its difficulties with shipping rates. “It will automatically pick the provider and the service, and all [we] have to do is hit enter and will print out a label for us,” said Sussman. He also commended Sellercloud’s order rule engine, which enables AVX Returns to create a multitude of shipping rules.

AVX Returns is also a big fan of Skustack, Sellercloud’s WMS (Warehouse Management System), and barcode scanning app. With Skustack, all they have to do is scan an item, and it tells them exactly where it needs to go. Skustack was such a game changer for AVX Returns that they put it at the heart of their operations, and it has improved the efficiency and accuracy of their inventory.

Lastly, Sussman said that the ability to connect Sellercloud to external services through an open API was extremely important to AVX Returns. It meant that AVX Returns could connect any external service they needed, automatically share data back and forth from Sellercloud, and reduce manual input.

After Sellercloud

AVX Returns had nothing but good things to say about its relationship with Sellercloud. “Sellercloud has helped us manage everything from reports to accounting to warehouse management, multichannel fulfillment, really everything,” says Weiss, adding, “It’s a total night and day shift from where we were before.”

The ability to monitor and manage everything from Sellercloud has been a massive part of this. For Weiss, the most important things they could now accurately track were reporting, warehouse movements, and employee productivity.

What impressed AVX Returns the most was how much Sellercloud enabled the company to grow consistently, even in a poor economy. “We still maintained an upward trajectory thanks to the help of Sellercloud,” said Weiss. What’s more, AVX Returns’s SKU count has only increased, as have sales, and since adopting Sellercloud, they’ve upgraded warehouses multiple times.

AVX Returns is also more than pleased with the support they have received from Sellercloud. “We have our account rep who’s on top of it, and you know they make sure that the support team gets it done when we need it done,” said Sussman.

Sussman also mentioned that he enjoys how, as Sellercloud’s customer base grows and new customers request new features, everyone benefits. “We’ll discover things that we never knew we needed and increase our efficiency through that,” explains Sussman.

Each part of Sellercloud’s ecosystem plays a vital role in how AVX Returns works. “Each individual program is integral to a different part of the business, and without it, [we] wouldn’t be able to function,” said Weiss.
Weiss ends with a recommendation to other businesses: “If you’re […] looking to expand or looking to grow, or you’re struggling with inventory issues or financial reporting, I would strongly suggest giving Sellercloud a try,” said Weiss, adding that “Sellercloud is the backbone of our business,” and they would not be able to function without it.