Itin Scale

Industry: Industrial Products and Machinery 
Founded: 1969
Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY
Company Size: 3 Employees

“Not every company is going to have someone there in the office who can do technical things. The Sellercloud team is there to support what we’re trying to do, no matter what that is.”

Philip Lev, Owner

Few companies currently operating in the e-commerce space can lay claim to the fact they were selling products online before or around the same time as giants like Amazon entered the scene.

Itin Scale, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, online since 1998, and a leader in the world of scales of all types, is one of them.

Moving from manual data transfers from one computer to another using floppy discs, to fully customized, seamless integrations, Itin Scale has depended on Sellercloud to help keep them on the cutting edge of technology in the e-commerce realm.

The Challenge

“It would take us about two hours every day to manually download the data from one computer, load it onto a disc, and then upload it onto another computer,” says Philip Lev, Owner of Itin Scale.

He and others on the team had written some of their own programs to track inventory and sales data. “It was a tremendous balance of physical labor and time,” Lev mentioned.

As a company who’s always had a custom built website, Lev and his team needed an e-commerce partner that would work with what they already had – not something that would require them to redesign what they had already built.

The Solution

For Itin Scale, flexibility with how to adopt Sellercloud’s features was a top priority. “Sellercloud’s biggest selling points for us were their integrations and web services, Lev said. “Before Sellercloud, we never would have imagined being able to show our customers their purchase or order history in their account.”

The ability to automate processes was key for Itin Scale as well. “Sellercloud manages our inventory. Shipbridge manages our shipping,” explained Lev.

“It streamlines everything, which saved and continues to save us time and money instead of doing things with archaic systems.” Philip Lev, Owner

The Results

Because of  Itin Scale’s move to Sellercloud, the company saw significant cuts to labor costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Lev praises Sellercloud for solving ‘the little things’ that end up saving time, saying “There are times when vendors will make a very specific request or requirement, and I’ll need to edit or customize something. Sellercloud turns that into minutes vs. hours.

“With Shipbridge, the customer has the tracking number five minutes after I’ve shipped it.”

Philip Lev, Owner