Frankl Trading

Industry: Jewelry
Founded: 1970
Headquarters: New York, NY
Company Size: 12 Employees

“We weren’t that technical, so it made total sense to bring Sellercloud on to help.”

Aron Bauer, Channel Manager

Frankl Trading, based in New York, New York, has manufactured and sold jewelry since 1970. Since partnering with Sellercloud in 2010, they’ve been able to exponentially expand their online presence and now sell on some of the top e-commerce sites in the world, including, Macy’s, Sam’, Amazon, and eBay.

Faced with increasing international competition from manufacturers in countries like China, for example, Frankl Trading has had to look to solutions like Sellercloud to rise above the rest.

The Challenge

As a company with established roots, adapting to an increasingly technical, digital world over time wasn’t always the easiest. “We used to operate solely through [Microsoft] Excel worksheets,” said Aron Bauer, Channel Manager for Frankl Trading.

Because every channel we were on had different requirements,” explained Bauer, ”explained Bauer, we had to upload several different documents every day to those multiple channels. Or if a channel changed something in their processes or systems, it was very difficult to stay on top of what needed to be done in a constantly changing environment like that.

The Solution

Frankl Trading needed a partner that could help them simplify their selling online, especially on different marketplaces and channels. Sellercloud did just that, expanding their online presence and offering unparalleled customer service to help with the technical side of the industry.

We’re manufacturers, not programmers. We needed to focus on growing our business and not the technical issues,” Bauer said.

Frankl Trading also moved to Shipbridge for all shipping operations and tracking. “It helps me print the invoices and keep everything sorted and organized,” he mentioned.

The Results

“We haven’t had to worry about updating something specific for a channel since I can remember,” Bauer says.

“Because of things like that, we’ve been able to add our products to more channels, which has created more business for us, of course, and more dollars from that.” Aron Bauer, Channel Manager

“Sellercloud was immensely helpful with getting our products onto eBay. It made uploading tracking numbers very, very easy.”

Aron Bauer, Channel Manager