Industry: Apparel
Founded: 1999
Headquarters: San Clemente, CA
Company Size: 3 Employees


“If you want to increase your sales to multiple channels by reaching more customers, then Sellercloud is the answer.”

Vicki Reale, Co-Owner

In 1999, former professional bodyboarders, Jay and Vicki Reale founded eBodyboarding.com in a small condo in San Clemente, California.

Their first warehouse was half of their garage. Today, the company is the world’s largest retailer of bodyboarding gear, with a 4,000 square-foot retail outlet.

The Challenge

Jay and Vicki wanted to get into e-commerce since they first opened eBodyboarding.com because they didn’t want to be physically stuck in their store all the time.

We knew early on that e-commerce was the future,” said Vicki, “We got into it and were successful for a few years. Then we thought about expanding into other outlets, such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.”

While planning for their future, Jay and Vicki looked for a system that would allow them to sell their products on multiple channels simultaneously.

“We tried using a Yahoo! Store back in the day, and we used NetSuite, which was too technical and much too expensive for us,” Vicki explained.

Feeling frustrated, we switched to a Shopify store, but unfortunately, that meant we had to get rid of NetSuite’s web-based platform because it didn’t integrate well with our Shopify store. It just wasn’t cutting it,” said Vicki.

Jay and Vicki knew that if they didn’t find a solution, they would have to set up their inventory for each channel separately. That meant doing a lot of manual work to manage their growing number of SKUs.

The Solution

After much research and consideration, Jay and Vicki focused on Sellercloud as a possible solution that would allow them to expand their business online.

“Unlike NetSuite and all the other tools out there, Sellercloud did everything we needed,” said Vicki, “All the features it had were unique and really appealed to us, and the price point was good.”

Another reason why they chose Sellercloud was that it efficiently handled purchase orders. “The purchase order starts in Sellercloud, then it goes to the vendor. When the vendor gets the purchase order, it ships the item. That updates Sellercloud,” Vicki said. “Then, boom—the inventory is updated on all of our sales channels. It’s awesome how it works.

One feature that only Sellercloud has is the ability to have multiple businesses under one account. “This was a game-changer for us because we run another business that sells products for junior lifeguards. The cool thing is that we can share inventory between both Shopify stores. That means we can sell a product that appeals to two different audiences in both stores,” said Vicki, “It allows us to have multiple businesses on multiple channels. That’s amazing!”

The Results

In Sellercloud Jay and Vicki found the ultimate solution for their particular e-commerce business needs. eBodyboarding.com leveraged Sellercloud to find success with multi-channel e-commerce.

They were able to seamlessly handle orders from multiple channels and under different business accounts which helped them expand their audience and enlarge their profit margins.

Ultimately, Sellercloud enabled Jay and Vicki to accomplish their primary goals. It gave them more time to focus on growing their business while not having to be stuck in their brick-and-mortar store.

We travel a lot, and knowing that Sellercloud is cloud-based and always available to us wherever we go is a huge plus for us,” said Vicki.

“Boom! The inventory is updated on all of our sales channels. It’s awesome how it works!”

Vicki Reale, Co-Owner