Industry: Electronics/Pet supplies
Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Brea, CA
Company Size: 39 Employees

“If you’re out there and you’re using a different platform, and you’re having issues with inventory management and order management, Sellercloud would be the best option for you.”

Aaron Ibarra, E-commerce Manager, Aquatop


Aquatop specializes in aquariums and accessories for freshwater aquariums, ponds, and saltwater reefs, such as “filters, the heaters, and any type of accessories, fish nets, any type of liquid solutions,” explains Aaron Ibarra, E-commerce manager at Aquatop.

Aquatop needed an inventory management system to manage a growing number of consumer orders and a system to help integrate their different websites. They found both in Sellercloud.

Before Sellercloud

Aquatop CEO Dave Chai started the company ten years ago with a group of aquatic enthusiasts. It sells aquariums to various distributors and on multiple marketplaces from its 44,000-square-foot facility in Brea, California.

Chai explains that before he founded Aquatop, he felt the style of the aquariums sold at PetSmart and Walmart was dated and not appealing. “So, I went […] back to China, [to find a] factory and we started bringing the products for [aquariums],” explains Chai, and Aquatop was born.

The Challenge

“At the beginning, we didn’t use any back-end software,” Chai tells us. However, like many rapidly growing companies, that quickly changed as the business grew. “Once you get to 1 million, 2 million [in order] size, you cannot handle that anymore,” says Chai.

“I joined the company in 2017 and when we first started it was very, very hectic with the platform we were using to control our inventory, control our orders, get orders processed,” Ibarra says, “The UI was very, very old, is very slow, hard to even open up at some times.”

They also needed a solution to integrate their websites and see the overall output for the multiple websites they had associated with Miva.

The Solution

Chai tells us how Aquatop jumped from various solutions before settling with Sellercloud. Initially, they started on Yahoo, but their platform was not very focused on e-commerce at the time.

Later, they came across Shopify, which was very user-friendly but lacked the customization they needed. Eventually, Aquatop found their solution by marrying Miva and Sellercloud.

Chai was impressed with Sellercloud’s ability to help businesses build custom-tailored solutions. “At that time, I don’t think Sellercloud was working with Miva yet,” he says, “But Jeremy and his team started quickly working with us, using [an] API to link the two platforms together.” A shining example of Sellercloud’s unrivaled ability to go the extra mile to help merchants reach their goals.

Ibarra says that using Sellercloud has been very helpful, citing “Being able to export reports, being able to integrate all of our websites, and see the overall output of what each company of ours is doing,” as some of the most valuable features.

Ibarra also notes how Sellercloud has improved inventory management. “We have been able to create different kits with multiple different products and are able to control the inventory for those products within that kit. So we don’t oversell,” Ibarra explains.

Chai also enjoys how Sellercloud continues to add new features and quickly adapts to changes from Amazon, Walmart, and other major e-commerce marketplaces. Furthermore, Chai points out that Sellercloud listens to seller feedback, acting swiftly to include the features and improvements sellers demand the most.

After Sellercloud

Chai and Ibarra noted that since adopting Sellercloud, they have felt supported every step of the way.

“It’s easy to learn. Jeremy and his team provide great support,” says Chai. “Every ticket that we open is answered right away with a great response,” adds Ibarra, “If you’re out there and you’re using a different platform, and you’re having issues with inventory management and order management, Sellercloud would be the best option for you.”

“They take care of the backup, they take care of the maintenance so we don’t have to worry about security threats,” explains Chai, “all the information [can easily] be obtained anywhere. So, sometimes we can pull the information from remote places.”

“We have wholesale, we have Amazon business, Walmart, eBay, and our own website. [Sellercloud] does [a] great job to connect all these dots together and pull all the sales data to the cloud […] and export all the information [to either] UPS, to FedEx, to UPS,” says Chai, summarizing how Sellercloud ties it all together for Aquatop.

Chai also adds how dynamic e-commerce is with marketplaces like Amazon, introducing new features that businesses must meet the requirements for and how Aquatop can plug what they need into Sellercloud, ensuring that they are always caught up. He says that Sellercloud’s approach to continuously adding new features and improvements is “the key and that’s what we like [about] Sellercloud.”

Chai ends by saying, “right now we run [all] the business in Sellercloud and we provide great service. I don’t think we can run the business [that way] without Sellercloud.”