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Sellercloud has all the features you need to keep your inventory well stocked.
As a seller in the Electronics industry, you need to keep track of your products – big or small. Sellercloud makes sure you are well informed of the precise location of your items and when to restock to avoid overselling. Another great feature that is especially valuable for electronics merchants is the serial tracking feature which lets you know the location of serialized products for picking, warranty and RMA purposes.

Barcode scanning

Save time on picking orders and shipping by scanning the bar code of the items you need.


Sellercloud supports kit creation. You can create a kit by grouping different products together under one SKU or by grouping multiple units of the same item under a single SKU.

Serial number tracking

Manage incoming stock in a quick and easy way by scanning the products’ serial numbers. With our serial tracking feature, your team can keep track of serialized items across multiple locations and avoid fraudulent product returns.

Shadow listings

List the same product in different ways while keeping your inventory in sync by adding Shadow products. Shadow listings have their own alternative product profile but inventory count is linked to an actual inventory SKU.

Product alias

Set multiple aliases for one product so that you can find it easily. Search by SKU, UPC or even the old UPC that the manufacturer used by adding it as a Product Alias.

Replacement products

With Sellercloud you can configure replacement SKUs for interchangeable items. ShipBridge’s Scan and Ship feature will recognize the replacement SKU and print the proper shipping labels.

MAP price control

Sellercloud lets you control the Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) of your products on all the channels you use.

Rebate pricings

Manage both the rebates you offer to customers and the rebates offered to you by vendors.


Our Reporting suite offers insightful data relating to various areas of your business. From sales performance of your product line by channel to cost of goods sold (COGS), our reports help you make informed strategic decisions that can take your business to the next level.

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