Pet Wish Pros

Client since: 2022
Uses: Sellercloud, Skustack
Industry: Pet supplies
Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Buford, GA
Company Size: ~25
Types of items sold: pet medications and supplements, dog food, cat food, and medicated shampoos for fleas and ticks.

“Sellercloud never says no to us on functionality, and they’re willing to build what we need to maintain our business.”

Robert Bogenholm, President and CEO, Pet Wish Pros

Before Sellercloud

Pet Wish Pros was founded in 2008 in Buford, Georgia, when President and CEO Robert Bogenholm saw an opportunity in the pet care industry. He noticed it was difficult for consumers to buy specialized pet supplies, like shampoos and supplements, online—products you’d have to purchase from your vet. “We saw the market there, and we started offering them online with free shipping,” Bogenholm told us.

Pet Wish Pros sells on Amazon, Walmart, and their own website and offers a subscription service that enables buyers to automatically repurchase the products they need.

The Challenge

As a multichannel seller, Pet Wish Pros encountered several major challenges. First and foremost, they had to ensure pricing and inventory synced up with all the marketplaces they sold on. What further exacerbated this challenge was how rapidly the pet supplies industry changes. “Manufacturers are constantly adding new products,” explains Head of Growth, Justin Davis. It meant it was a constant battle to keep up with new products and ensure they were sold on all sales channels.

As Pet Wish Pros lists the same quantities on their marketplaces and their website, another multichannel challenge for Pet Wish Pros was overselling. “We’d have to manually update those levels on Amazon and our own website to prevent overselling,” explains Bogenholm, which was far from convenient. Pet Wish Pros needed a solution to automate inventory updates across their sales channels to save time, mitigate the risk of human error, and prevent overselling.

A further challenge was that Pet Wish Pros had to abide by their brand partners ‘MAP’ (Minimum Advertised Pricing) policies. While Pet Wish Pros are more than happy to follow these requirements, not every software solution does it very well, making it difficult to manage and hard for Pet Wish Pros to also turn a profit.

Pet Wish Pros also realized that adopting a reliable WMS (Warehouse Management System) was increasingly important for their success. This was especially the case during the pandemic. “We had a huge influx of orders as our competitors were stocking out,” says Bogenholm. It was a glimpse into their future—the workload would only get bigger and harder to handle as the company grew.

The Solution

Pet Wish Pros hopped from e-commerce solution to e-commerce solution, but none of them could fulfill all their needs, with the inability to scale the way they wanted becoming a common problem. “We decided to go with Sellercloud because we wanted something that was reliable, dependable, and that we could scale quickly up and down with,” said Bogenholm.

Sellercloud soon nestled its way into every function of Pet Wish Pros’ e-commerce processes. Bogenholm, for example, says he uses almost every function of Sellercloud. He highlights how useful Sellercloud is for P&L reports, analytics, inventory management, and keeping on top of business. “One thing that’s great about Sellercloud is, it handles every part of the e-commerce business and it makes it easier,” Davis adds, who also commends Sellercloud’s predictive purchasing feature, which he says is great for generating purchase orders.

With Sellercloud, Pet Wish Pros could ensure they were abiding by brand MAPs and simultaneously make a profit. “Sellercloud gives us the opportunity to work with our repricing systems to make sure that we never violate that MAP,” explains Davis.

On top of that, with a more efficient listing process, thanks to Sellercloud, Pet Wish Pros could better keep up with the rapidly changing pet supplies market and create and update product listings across different marketplaces without any hiccups whatsoever. This also meant that Pet Wish Pros could expand to new marketplaces beyond Amazon and Walmart. “We also use Sellercloud to stay relevant on new marketplaces like Kroger and TikTok Shop,” says Bogenholm.

Pet Wish Pros also loved the customization that Sellercloud offers businesses. Before finding Sellercloud, Davis and Bogenholm were frustrated that other solutions were reluctant to listen to requests for new features. “Sellercloud never says no to us on functionality, and they’re willing to build what we need to maintain our business,” praises Bogenholm. Davis gives an example of how Sellercloud developed a custom plugin for Pet Wish Pros for one of the 3PLs they were working with so they could keep on top of tracking numbers and shipping label costs.

What also impressed Pet Wish Pros was that oftentimes, the customizations they needed were already requested by another business, making them easy to implement. If the customization didn’t yet exist, the Sellercloud development team would get on it right away.

Pet Wish Pros also brought Sellercloud’s WMS, Skustack, into their operations, which had a phenomenal effect. “We’ve been able to reduce our error rate to almost 0%,” said Davis. Scanning received purchase orders from vendors with Skustack has helped them catch mistakes early on. “It’s completely accurate,” says Davis, “If we’re missing something, we know right away, and we can get in touch with each vendor and get that resolved as soon as possible.”

After Sellercloud

“Since Sellercloud, we’ve grown both in revenue and the number of products we’re able to offer our customers,” said Bogenholm. Today, Pet Wish Pros offer over 10,000 products and can scale up and down with the click of a button whenever manufacturers and brands launch new SKUs.

Innovation is a key part of the relationship between Sellercloud and Pet Wish Pros that’ll likely keep them around for years to come. “One thing that’s great about Sellercloud is they’re always innovating,” said Davis, “they’ll bring you ideas for new ways to operate your business and get more efficient.”

Another reason Pet Wish Pros are keen to stay with Sellercloud is because it’s easy to maintain. “Sellercloud doesn’t take a lot of maintenance to use like some other softwares do,” said Davis. Even if customers need to speak to support, it’s always a breeze. “Some of the best support that we’ve ever dealt with our software companies,” said Davis. Davis added that he was delighted with how responsive and knowledgeable Sellercloud’s support team is, often going the extra mile to provide you with a solution that will go beyond what you initially expected.

Davis ends by recommending Sellercloud to other rapidly growing businesses. He emphasizes once more how Sellercloud truly handles every part of running an e-commerce business, from picking, packing, and shipping to managing listings on the biggest marketplaces, specialist and niche marketplaces, and your own website. “They can handle it all,” he says.