Sell on Zulily

Manage all your Zulily listings, avoid dead stock, and track shipping.

Key Features

Inventory sync

Sellercloud automatically updates your inventory across all the channels you use.

Reserve inventory

Sellercloud lets you reserve part of your inventory for the duration of Zulily’s events.

Order download

Seamlessly import your Zulily orders and keep channels updated with the available inventory.

Tracking updates

Once you ship an order tracking information is uploaded to Zulily automatically.

Zulily packing slips

Sellercloud lets you handle packing slips that meet Zulily’s requirements.

Order data export to QuickBooks

Export your Zulily order data to QuickBooks and stay on top of your finances at all times.

Control that helps you grow

Manage all your e-commerce operations from one centralized platform.

Find new customers

It’s easy to expand your customer base with Sellercloud’s long list of integrations.

Keep accurate stock levels

Know what you have across all channels at all times.

Know what sells best

Gain insight into your best-selling products with our reports.

Sell on Zulily with Sellercloud

Zulily is a great place to introduce your products to millions of new customers. As a popular daily-deal site used by moms everywhere, you can market deals on products for the whole family including clothing, shoes, home décor, toys, gifts and more.

Zulily will review your products and negotiate pricing. Then, you’ll provide Zulily with a product file containing descriptions, images and the quantity you are allocating for the event. Zulily will post your products and orders should begin to roll in.

Sellercloud integrates with Zulily to automatically import your orders and manage them for processing. After the orders have been shipped, tracking will automatically be sent to update the order status on Zulily. Packing slips formatted to Zulily requirements can be printed to include in the shipment. Order data can be easily exported to QuickBooks to invoice Zulily for payment.

Although Sellercloud is all about inventory synchronization between all channels, you can reserve and allocate inventory for Zulily; removing it from the regular inventory feeds for the duration of the event.