Eye4Fraud integration

Never worry about fraud chargebacks again.

Key Features

Flag orders

Automatically flag orders based on your predefined rules available through our plugin.

Fraud checks

Autosubmit fraud check requests for flagged orders.

On-hold orders

Orders with fraud responses will be placed on hold.

Safeguard your business

Sell and ship your orders with confidence that there will be no fraudulent orders.

High level of accuracy

Eye4Fraud has an extensive pool of data to verify every order.

Protect your business with Eye4Fraud and Sellercloud

Eye4Fraud screens, verifies and guarantees your online orders so you can sell and ship with confidence anywhere in the world. Eye4Fraud will eliminate your fraud chargebacks by identifying fraudulent orders before they are shipped, and will increase your sales by approving every last good order. If you do get a fraud chargeback on an approved order, Eye4Fraud will reimburse you for the full order total.

You can submit a fraud check request directly from the order page in Sellercloud. Orders that get a Fraud response will be placed on hold for further review.

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