Signifyd integration

Let Signifyd review your orders before fulfillment to prevent fraud.

Key Features

Fraud checks

Automatically retrieve fraud score, status, and disposition.

On-hold orders

Signifyd prevents fraud orders from being shipped.

Eliminate fraud

Sell and ship your orders with confidence that there will be no fraudulent orders.

Zero liability

Signifyd gives you a financial guarantee against fraud.

Protect your business with Signifyd and Sellercloud

Signifyd is an e-commerce fraud protection solution that checks for fraudulent payments. Signifyd offers an On-Demand plan where you can either manage on your own using Signfyd’s fraud score and info, and the Complete Assurance plan, where Signifyd will review, decide and guarantee all orders for you.

Signfyd can be easily set up on your Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce platforms with a simple plugin install.

They also have open APIs, enabling your development team to custom build a connection from any platform.

Sellercloud integrates with Signifyd to pull in the fraud review status submitted from your sales platform. Based on the retrieved response, you can easily manage order processing in Sellercloud, with only approved orders being allowed for shipping.

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