DDI System integration

Optimize your e-commerce operation.

Key Features

Import inventory and tracking

Import your omnichannel inventory and order tracking information into Sellercloud.

Order download

Seamlessly export your Sellercloud orders into DDI System’s Inform ERP.

Manage all your sales in one place

Sync your inventory and order management across all your channels.

Drive more sales

Expand your customer base by selling on multiple channels.

Sell with DDI System and Sellercloud

With over 1200 customers throughout North America, DDI System helps distributors meet the challenges of digital disruption daily through Inform ERP. Inform ERP optimizes wholesale operations and includes next-generation business tools in a real-time, unified platform.

DDI System developers have integrated Inform via web services using Sellercloud’s open API. This integration enables distributors to use DDI’s Inform ERP for inventory and order management while driving online sales via Sellercloud’s multi-channel solution.

The integration operates with Inform ERP as the master system and Sellercloud as the secondary. Inform’s product details and inventory information are used to update products in Sellercloud. When orders are placed from one of Sellercloud’s channels, the data is exported to Inform. Once the item ships, tracking information routes through Inform to Sellercloud, updating quantities and availability across all Sellercloud channels.

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