Acumatica integration (by Kensium)

Unlock the full potential of your business with effortless integrations and customizable workflows with Kensium’s Sellercloud Connector for Acumatica.

Key Features

Inventory updates

Automatically sync your catalog and inventory from Acumatica to Sellercloud across all the channels that you use.

Multiwarehouse support

Manage and synchronize inventory across multiple warehouses in Sellercloud and Acumatica for efficient order fulfillment based on proximity.

Order management

Streamline order handling by importing and syncing orders from various sales channels in Sellercloud with Acumatica. With Kensium, you have complete control over how orders are imported into Acumatica, as well as the ability to customize behavior for each channel.

Enjoy swift shipments

Efficiently handle order fulfillment, keeping sales channels updated with shipping confirmations and tracking by transferring fulfillment data from Acumatica to Sellercloud.

Manage your Amazon FBA

Easily keep track of your FBA inventory by reconciling it against Amazon shipments. Consolidate multiple shipments and send all your products to a single Amazon fulfillment center.

WFS management

Automatically reserve inventory for WFS to make sure your WFS items are always in stock and control all your WFS shipments.

Returns and refunds made easy

Keep inventory up-to-date by bringing returns, refunds, and cancellations from all channels into Acumatica via Sellercloud.

Vendor collaboration and purchase orders

Link vendors in Acumatica with those in Sellercloud, syncing purchase order creation and management, streamlining procurement, and ensuring stock replenishment.

Gain comprehensive financial insights

Import channel fees into Acumatica for insights into order profitability. Assign each fee to a separate GL entry to track and reconcile costs, aiding financial analysis.

Create Shadow SKUs

List a product multiple times on a single channel and manage different fulfillment settings for it using Shadow SKUs.

Kit creation and variation SKUs

Create kits to combine multiple products into a single SKU or conveniently group similar products using variation SKUs..

Simplify your workflow

Easily integrate and simplify your operations by syncing all Acumatica data and updates with Sellercloud in real time.

Save hours of work

Empower your team by automating repetitive tasks, such as data synchronization, across all your software solutions..

Enjoy secure data exchange

Enjoy fast and secure information transfers between Acumatica and Sellercloud that ensure the confidentiality and protection of your data.

Connect to all the apps that you use

Easily link your Sellercloud account with the tools that you’re using on a daily basis.

Customize your workflow with Acumatica integration and Sellercloud

Acumatica is a cloud-based ERP solution that helps businesses boost efficiency and streamline their operations. It offers customizable tools for managing finances, inventory, customer relationships, and more, tailored to different industries. This scalable solution provides easy access, collaboration, and data insights, revolutionizing how businesses manage their e-commerce operations.

Sellercloud’s integration with Acumatica allows data to flow in real time between both systems.  It can help sellers expand their business possibilities by enabling them to connect with various partners that require EDI-based exchanges. After the data is brought into Sellercloud, it establishes connections with various marketplaces, shopping carts, shipping partners, vendors, 3PLs, Payment Gateways, Repricers, and other entities. This enables sellers to expand their business and collaborate with partners that may not have been accessible otherwise.

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