Zapier integration

Automate your e-commerce workflow with Zapier and Sellercloud.

Key Features

Create orders from a spreadsheet

Zapier can seamlessly create Sellercloud orders automatically from your Google Spreadsheet entries.

Automatically add new inventory records

Zapier can trigger Google Sheets to instantly create a new row with relevant information in an existing spreadsheet when Sellercloud detects a new piece of inventory.

Notify customers of purchase order status changes

Zapier lets you send an email to your vendor when their purchase order has been approved in Sellercloud.

Populate Sellercloud customer data from Quickbooks

When a new customer is created in Quickbooks, Zapier lets you automatically create a corresponding customer in Sellercloud.

Automate your communications

Communicate vital information to your team and customers with Zapier’s long list of popular email and messaging platform integrations.

Simplify your workflow

Remove the complexity of everyday tasks and make all of the various elements of your business work together more seamlessly.

Save hours of work

Save your team time and effort by automating tedious tasks like synching of data across your software solutions.

Create custom automations

Events happening in Sellercloud can trigger actions in other apps like recording data, notifications, and even inventory adjustments.

Connect all the services you use

Zapier lets you connect your Sellercloud account with an ever-growing list of over 2,000 apps.

Streamline your workflow with Zapier and Sellercloud

Zapier is a user-friendly automation platform that allows over 2,000 different web-enabled applications to interact with each other, work together, and streamline your most repetitive tasks – all without requiring any complex programming or scripting knowledge.

Configure a variety of rules with Zapier’s versatile sequence options. Connect all the apps that you are using in one intricate system of follow-up actions that can effectively boost your team’s operational workflow.

An action performed in your Sellercloud account can trigger a host of other applications to do things like update purchase orders, improve cross-platform record-keeping, inventory tracking, customer creation, email marketing, internal communication, reminders, and more. The reverse is also possible – events in other apps can trigger various sequences in Sellercloud.

Zapier gives you incredible freedom to think out of the box about your operational workflows and decide how to get the most from the apps you are already using. Through a chain of automated sequences, you are able to custom tailor your workflows to meet the specific needs of your e-commerce business. The possibilities are truly endless.

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