Makor ERP integration

Optimize your whole e-commerce operation.

Key Features

Import inventory and tracking

Import your omnichannel inventory and order tracking information into Sellercloud.

Order download

Seamlessly export your Sellercloud orders into Makor ERP.

Manage all your sales in one place

Sync your inventory and order management across all your channels.

Drive more sales

Expand your customer base by selling on multiple channels.

Sell with Makor ERP and Sellercloud

Makor ERP is a powerful and innovative end-to-end software platform developed specifically for the unique requirements of IT Asset Disposition, Reseller and E-waste companies.

Makor developers have integrated their platform via web services, using Sellercloud’s open API. This integration enables you to use Makor as your inventory and order management system while powering your online sales through Sellercloud’s multichannel solution.

The integration operates with Makor as the master system and Sellercloud as the slave. Product information and inventory can be pulled from Makor to update products in Sellercloud. Orders from the sales channels export from Sellercloud to Makor. After shipping, tracking will be pulled from Makor back to Sellercloud and update the sales channel.

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