Automate and simplify your shipping workflow with Shipbridge

Ship your orders out with unparalleled flexibility. Partnerships with all major carriers and an ever improving feature set ensures that Sellercloud users have all of their order fulfillment needs in one place.
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Key Features

Certified partnerships with major carriers

We maintain compatibility with all major carriers so you can ship all your orders without leaving the Shipbridge interface.

Built for businesses of all sizes

No matter the size of your business, Shipbrige is here to meet your current fulfillment needs and scale your operation to support continued growth.

Here to protect your brand integrity

Built-in support for the Amazon Transparency program allows you to seamlessly implement brand-protecting measures into your order fulfillment workflows. Printing transparency codes with shipping labels offers you and your customers peace of mind.

Innovative Add-Ons

Native integrations with Skustack and Skublox enhance your team’s efficiency and productivity with industry-leading features and innovative configuration options.

Flexible configurations

Shipbridge lets you configure shipping rules based on criteria such as destination, package weight, order value, and more.

Reduce errors with Scan & Ship features

Scan each product before shipping to ensure that all items are picked, packed, and shipped correctly.

Customizable support for complex workflows

In order to accommodate all your shipping needs we offer various plugins to support even the most highly customized workflows.

Why Shipbridge?

Shipbridge is Sellercloud’s shipping app that helps you automate and simplify your shipping workflow. With Shipbridge you can centralize all of your multichannel orders into a single interface where they can be easily fulfilled.

Integrations with most major shipping carriers, coupled with highly configurable settings will allow you to fulfill orders for one or more of your merchant accounts in a streamlined and highly efficient manner. Our intuitive carrier selection shortens the whole process and lets you automatically configure the way an order is processed – based on the delivery zone, order promise date, order value, and many other unique data points.

You can also manage the number of packages, addresses, and customs information of any given order without the need to switch applications. There is an option to do batch shipping as well as scan and ship, where each product is scanned out to ensure the proper items are shipped.

For added convenience Shipbridge is also tightly integrated with Skublox, our Put-to-Light solution to further optimize your fulfillment related workflows.

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