Wiser integration

Sellercloud helps you find the perfect pricing strategy for your business.

Key Features

Price controls

Manage your Min and Max pricing within Sellecloud.

Product information updates

Schedule automatic product updates via FTP.

Gain control over your e-commerce

Manage all your pricing needs from within Sellercloud.

Stay ahead of the curve

Compare and adjust prices between you and your competitors.

Manage your pricing with Wiser with Sellercloud

Wiser is a popular repricing software used to competitively market products on Amazon, eBay, and other sites.

Sellercloud can export an inventory file to Wiser to add and update products.

Your minimum and maximum prices can be managed within Sellercloud and uploaded on schedule to Wiser. Product information, such as item cost and shipping price can also be sent to be calculated with Wiser’s advanced pricing rules.

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