Flexible and convenient payment collection

Waytopay.me is a simple, secure, and fast way to request and receive payments.
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Exclusively built for the Sellercloud merchant

Waytopay.me was conceived by the Sellercloud team in an effort to provide e-commerce merchants with a reliable and effortless way to accept payments online.

Receive payments in no time

Waytopay.me makes payment collection easier than ever.

Receive an order

Use waytopay.me to generate unique payment links for your wholesale, brick and mortar, and web store orders without having to leave your Sellercloud account.

Choose a payment method

Choose between credit card payments or bank transfers and seamlessly collect payments through Stripe or Cardnox.

Request payment

Create an invoice with all the relevant shipping, payment and order information and send a payment request to your customer by email. Get your payment all at once or let your customer pay in multiple installments.

Receive payment

Once you receive your payment, order status is instantly updated in Sellercloud and on the originating channel for the order. A receipt is automatically generated and sent to your customer. Your customers can easily track their order status, pay off balances, and download payment receipts anytime.

Have confidence in your privacy

Your transactions are securely handled at all times of the collection process to prevent order and payment fraud. No personal information is collected from your customers. An email address and credit card information are all that is needed to pay for orders and credit card information is never stored on our servers.

A payment processor of your choice

Seamlessly collect payments through Stripe or Cardknox.