Product Updates

New April 12, 2024

Import Products from BigCommerce

We have created a new plugin that allows you to import and create local products from BigCommerce using API, using your credentials set in the integrated company. The plugin also updates the details of products in Sellercloud if their Merchant SKUs match an active listing. Additionally, this workflow supports Variations and automatically sets the Matrix relationship.

Improvement April 10, 2024

Dashboard: Saved Views

We have improved the Saved Views widget on the Delta Dashboard (Home Page). Until now, you could see only your Saved Views related to Orders, Catalog, and Purchase Orders. We have added the option to select 3 categories from a list of 11 available ones and pin the one you would like to load on the screen by default. 

New April 8, 2024

Houzz Locations

We have added support for managing your inventory levels on Houzz on a per-warehouse basis. You can now create your locations and map them to your existing warehouses in your Sellercloud Company Settings under Houzz > Locations. If no mapping is provided or in case of any errors, the default logic will be used, and we will send the combined available inventory.

Improvement April 5, 2024

Picklists: Compact Mode

We have introduced a new Compact Mode to the Kiosk view of Picklists in Skustack Lens. In this mode, each Picklist Card will be slightly shrunk, only displaying the most relevant information, allowing for more cards to fit on the screen. Additionally, closed picklists will appear in grayscale to easily distinguish them from open ones. You can easily switch back to the default view by clicking on Picklists > Comfortable Mode.

New April 3, 2024

Full Screen Mode

We have introduced a Full-Screen Mode to Skustack Lens. When enabled, the main information of the page you are on will be spread out, allowing for more details to be visible on the screen at any given moment. Additionally, some of the options will be concealed to declutter the interface. This can be especially useful when using the Kiosk Mode to monitor picking progress.

Fix April 2, 2024

Merchant SKU Filter Change

By default, the Merchant SKU filter on the Manage Catalog page accepts multiple values separated by commas (e.g., SKU1,SKU2). However, this could become an issue if products have a Merchant SKU containing a comma: in that case, the system will assume that these are two separate values, and it will not display the correct result. For this reason, we have created a new Catalog Client Setting: Support Comma-Delimited Values In Merchant SKU Filter. When disabled, the Merchant SKU filter will expect a single value, but it can include commas.