Product Updates

Improvement December 4, 2020

Tracking Numbers Property

A TrackingNumbers property was added to the GET/API/PurchaseOrders REST API service response. This call is used to get Purchase Order information in bulk.

Improvement December 3, 2020

FBA Inbound Shipment Information

Hovering over the new Information icon on these two FBA inbound shipment panels shows the product quantity available in each specific warehouse:

  • Amazon Shipments panel
  • Products panel
New December 2, 2020


GTIN field was added to the GET/API/Catalog REST API service response. This call is used to get Catalog information in bulk.

Improvement December 1, 2020

Purchase Orders Items

For Purchase Order items, you can filter by vendor using the new Vendor filter on the Add Products modal, in two places:

  • When creating a new PO
  • When adding items on the PO Details page
Improvement November 30, 2020

Product Dimensions and Weight

Setting the product dimensions and weight in Sellercloud – from either a product’s Shipping Preferences (single-item orders w/single package) or your company’s custom Shipping Package Type will auto-update order items in ShipBridge.

Fix November 27, 2020

Saved Search on Loaded Orders

If you choose the Apply saved search on Loaded Orders option (Menu > Customize Interface > GUI), Shipbridge will only load orders that are in the selected picklist and in the associated saved search.

Fix November 26, 2020

CH340 Drivers

Hub device CH340 drivers are now bundled and auto-installed as needed.