Product Updates: Sellercloud > Purchasing

New January 21, 2021

FBA Researching Reserves

A new column “FBA Researching Reserves” has been added under the Predictive Restocking page.

Improvement December 1, 2020

Purchase Orders Items

For Purchase Order items, you can filter by vendor using the new Vendor filter on the Add Products modal, in two places:

  • When creating a new PO
  • When adding items on the PO Details page
Improvement November 2, 2020

Add Products to PO

When creating a new PO, Qty and Unit Price fields are now available in the Add Products modal and the Products toolbox.

New October 9, 2020

Custom Filters

We have added the following custom filters to help you search for purchase orders on the Manage Purchase Orders page:

  • Priority
  • Description
  • Brand
  • Exported
  • PO/Order Relationship