Product Updates

Improvement November 23, 2023

Export Mapping Tool Additions

We have added two new options to the Export Mapping Tool:

    • Products: You can now export physical and available (sellable) inventory for your products per Warehouse. The fields follow Warehouse_[Warehouse Name].PhysicalQty and Warehouse_[Warehouse Name].InventoryAvailableQty formats. For example, if you want to export just the current physical quantity of a product in a warehouse named Default Warehouse, the field will be called Warehouse_Default Warehouse.PhysicalQty.
    • Purchase Order (PO): If you have linked a PO with a WFS Shipment Plan or FBA Inbound Shipment, you can now map the fields Purchase.RelatedFBAShipmentNumber and Purchase.RelatedWFSShipmentNumber, which will export the associated Selelrcloud Shipment IDs.