Product Updates: Skublox

April 18, 2024

User in Slot Details Feed

The Slot Details Feed window, which can be opened from the Activity page in Skublox Hub, now displays the user who initiated each event and its specific timestamp when you click on a slot. Hover over the time elapsed to see the date and time of the activity.

New April 1, 2024

Hub: Slot Sorting Time Elapsed

The new Skublox Hub Slot Preference Show timer for sorted items (after — hours) allows you to enable a timer that shows how much time has elapsed since an order was sorted. Once configured, a pill will be visible in the lower right corner of each slot on the Wall Details page, displaying the duration. The indicators are color-coded:

  • Cyan for seconds.
  • Blue for minutes.
  • Orange for hours.
  • Red for days.
  • Purple for weeks and longer.
New February 28, 2024

Hub: User Access

Similar to Skustack Lens, we have now restricted access to Skublox Hub to users with the client Admin Role. Once logged in, the administrator can then manually authorize or remove access for non-admin users from the Preferences window.

Improvement December 5, 2023

Switch Picklist while Sorting

We’ve added an option to switch between picklists in the Skublox Sorter App. When you choose to scan With picklist, you now have the ability to change the ID of the picklist you are working on directly from the scanning page. This can considerably speed up the sorting process, as opposed to previously, where you were required to disconnect from the current picklist in order to load a different one.

Improvement August 15, 2023

Sort Multiple Units in a Given Slot

We have updated the functionality of the “Allow sorting of multiple units at once, in a given slot” setting for Skublox. We have made improvements to the overall logic, helping you streamline the picking and sorting process. Going forward, when the setting is enabled, you can pick and sort multiple units with just one scan, with added consideration for canceling the sorting and automatically unsort units that you unpick.

Improvement April 17, 2023

Search Functionality Enhancement

You can now easily Search in the Skublox Hub application. Previously, it had only a “Find anything” button when you visit a wall page. Now, we’ve changed the Search functionality to be in the main header of the app, making it easily accessible from anywhere.

New January 4, 2023

Pick to Light

The ability to multi sort in Pick to Light has been added. This allows you to pick and sort multiple qty of the same product, as well as unsort if the item is unpicked.

Improvement December 21, 2022

Scan Relevant Serial

When a serial number is being scanned, you now have the option to either scan the relevant serial number or type it in via an onscreen keyboard. This is done by clicking on the pencil icon next to the “Scan relevant serial” input field.