What Is Amazon Buy Shipping in Bulk, and How Can I Use It?

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Amazon’s ‘Buy Shipping in Bulk’ is a fantastic way to select, purchase, and print multiple shipping labels. Find out how Sellercloud improves this feature.

  • Using Amazon’s Buy Shipping feature, sellers can purchase shipping labels. Sellers can make significant savings by buying shipping labels in bulk.
  • Sellercloud improves Amazon’s Buy Shipping in Bulk feature by making it easier to track orders, update reports, and calculate profits from one interface.

Like everything in e-commerce, sellers want to increase efficiency by reducing the time, effort, and costs associated with completing a task.

Amazon’s Buy Shipping feature is one of the best ways to do this, as it enables sellers to lower shipping costs and reduces friction when preparing products for shipping.

In this article, we’ll explain Amazon’s Buy Shipping feature and how to make the most of Buy Shipping in Bulk with Sellercloud.

What Is Amazon Buy Shipping?


Amazon Buy Shipping allows sellers to buy carrier labels with all the shipping information needed for their products, individually or in bulk (more on that below).

Sellers also get access to Amazon’s discount shipping rates with top carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, and choose the time and delivery method that suits them.

Another benefit of Amazon Buy Shipping is that it can protect your account from A-to-Z claims and pay for delivery issues or Item Not Received (INRs).

Plus, if the buyer reports delivery issues, it won’t affect your Order Defect Rate. You will also not be notified about the claim because Amazon will handle it.

How Does Amazon Buy Shipping Work?

To use Amazon Buy Shipping, you must first be an Amazon seller.

Sellers must provide the product and delivery details, such as the address, date, dimensions, and weight.

To make things easier, sellers can set up their shipping preferences, such as their preferred shipping method and confirmation options.

On top of that, Amazon will suggest carriers based on the ‘Promised Delivery Date,’ shipping date and your budget.

Once a label is purchased, the order is confirmed, and Amazon will automatically update the order status. The seller then prints the label and places it on the package, ready for delivery.

The chosen carrier will then be dispatched to pick up the product at the arranged time and scan the labels.

Sellers can then track the delivery of the package.

What Is Amazon Buy Shipping in Bulk?

The only difference between Amazon’s Buy Shipping in Bulk feature and buying shipping labels individually is that sellers can purchase shipping labels for up to 100 orders simultaneously.

Amazon’s Buy Shipping in Bulk feature is extraordinarily useful as the process saves merchants from buying and printing labels one by one, which can be time-consuming.

Furthermore, when sellers Buy Shipping in Bulk, it can give them a much greater understanding of their expenses.

For example, if a seller buys labels individually, tracking and calculating costs can be more complex, while one bulk order will clearly lay out the expenses for all selected orders.

How to Use Amazon Buy Shipping in Bulk With Sellercloud?


Sellercloud is the master of integrating vital e-commerce services, just like Amazon’s Buy Shipping in Bulk, making it more efficient and practical for sellers.

Through APIs, Sellercloud connects with Seller Central, enabling Amazon sellers to take advantage of Amazon’s Buy Shipping in Bulk features.

By buying bulk shipping through Sellercloud, you will have access to tracking numbers, so you can easily find orders and update reports within Sellercloud.

Plus, you’ll be able to take the shipping cost of the order and use it to calculate your profits and losses.

You can do it all without leaving Sellercloud and switching to other interfaces, making it easier to track it all.

Meanwhile, if you use Amazon’s Buy Shipping in Bulk feature directly from Amazon, you’ll miss out on all this functionality.

Note: You cannot use Amazon’s Buy Shipping for non-Amazon orders.

Check our help article to learn the technical ins and out of how to utilize Amazon Buy Shipping in Bulk with Sellercloud.

What Are the Costs of Using Amazon Buy Shipping in Bulk?

There are no fixed rates associated with Amazon’s Buy Shipping in Bulk. Costs vary depending on the product type, chosen shipping method, where your products are heading, and the timeframe.

You can check this page for more information on Amazon’s seller shipping rates (though they do not cover bulk shipping rates).

Before printing your labels, Sellercloud will inform you of the costs, so you won’t be caught off-guard.

Additionally, as mentioned above, by using Amazon’s Buy Shipping in Bulk, you’ll have access to their discounted carrier rates, so you won’t be stuck paying standard shipping rates.

Buy Shipping in Bulk FAQs

Have a few more questions? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Is It Cheaper to Ship in Bulk?

Shipping products in bulk can be significantly cheaper than one at a time.

Bulk shipping is cheaper because shipping carriers can offer volume discounts to businesses that ship large quantities of packages, which can result in significant savings on shipping costs.

On top of that, shipping in bulk also allows businesses to take advantage of more cost-effective shipping methods, such as freight shipping or Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipping.

How to Ship in Bulk?

To start shipping in bulk, you must first research carriers and shipping options to find the most cost-effective and reliable solutions for your business.

You then need to use shipping software to streamline the process and reduce the chance of errors.

You’ll also want to:

  • Optimize packaging to minimize costs and ensure packages arrive safely.
  • Label packages clearly and accurately to avoid delays or lost shipments.
  • Monitor shipments and track packages to ensure they arrive on time and in good condition. 
  • Stay organized and keep accurate records of shipments and associated costs.

If it’s your first time shipping in bulk, ask for help or advice from experienced shippers or carrier representatives if you need it.

What’s the Best Way to Print Shipping Labels in Bulk?

The best way to print shipping labels in bulk is by using a dedicated shipping label printer, like Skustack’s Mobile Label Printer, and utilizing shipping software like Shipbridge to generate labels.

Though an upfront cost is associated with such software and printing devices, your business will save money in the long run.

According to Sticker Mule, by printing your own labels, you can save “up to 22% on First-Class packages and up to 54% on Priority Mail Express.”

Your printer settings should be optimized for bulk printing to save time and reduce ink and label waste.

Before printing, ensure your labels are properly formatted, meet carrier requirements, and double-check your shipping information to avoid costly mistakes, delays, or additional fees.

Key Points

Consider these crucial key points before taking advantage of Amazon’s Buy Shipping in Bulk feature.

  • Amazon’s Buy Shipping service is a great way to reduce the cost of shipping, particularly when buying labels in bulk.
  • Using Amazon’s Buy Shipping in Bulk feature, you’ll also get access to Amazon’s discount rates with shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx.
  • Sellercloud has integrated Amazon’s Buy Shipping in Bulk feature, making it even more helpful, particularly for tracking products, updating reports, and calculating shipping.
  • What’s more, with Sellercloud, you’ll be able to track it all from one interface instead of several and take advantage of Sellercloud’s suite of shipping tools.
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