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Amazon offers a number of services that are available to you. This article will guide you through Amazon Buy Shipping in Bulk as it relates to Sellercloud. Buying shipping in bulk can help you process labels faster with the option to purchase multiple labels at once.

The Amazon Buy Shipping feature is also available in Shipbridge. You can read more about it in our Amazon Services: Buy Shipping article.


Amazon’s Buy Shipping service

Before you can start using Amazon’s services in Sellercloud, they must first be enabled in Seller Central. Only services enabled in Seller Central will be available for selection in Sellercloud. The API registration for Amazon services can be completed on Seller Central. You will have the option to enter your shipping account information and use your own rates.

The Amazon Buy shipping in bulk feature lets you purchase carrier labels through Amazon. If you ship an order using a label purchased from Amazon Buy Shipping on Seller Central, and the buyer claims they did not receive their order and proceeds to file a claim on an A to Z claim, then Amazon will protect your account and pay for A-to-Z claims related to delivery issues or Item Not Received (INR). You will not receive a notification about the claim because Amazon will take care of it. Furthermore, your Order Defect Rate will not be affected.

To be eligible for A-to-Z Guarantee claims, you must comply with all 3 of the following:

  • Purchase the shipping label on Amazon Buy Shipping.
  • Ship on time: considered at the moment of the carrier’s 1st scan, not when you confirm shipment.
  • Respond to any customer inquiry in Buyer-Seller Messages within 48 hours.

Before you can begin using the Amazon Buy Shipping service, you must review and accept Amazon’s Terms and Conditions, as well as the Terms and Conditions of the carriers you would want to buy shipping from.

If the terms and conditions for a particular carrier have not been accepted, the shipping services for that carrier would not be available to you via the Selling Partner API.

To review and accept the terms and conditions:

  1. In your Seller Central account, navigate to Manage Shipping Services.
  2. Read and accept Amazon’s terms and conditions for this service and the terms and conditions of each carrier.

Bulk Shipping

App Setting EnableBuyMultipleShippingFromAmazon must be enabled for this workflow! Contact Sellercloud Support to confirm that this setting is enabled for your account.

Before you begin, make sure that the steps outlined above have been completed.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Companies > Select company.
  2.  Go to Toolbox > Amazon Settings > Bulk Shipping Preferences.
  3. Enable your desired carriers. Note: The carriers must be enabled in Seller Central prior to this setup.
  4. Configure your Package Preferences. Here you can configure:
    • Delivery Confirmation
    • Insurance Settings
    • Print Order type
      • Separate – The label and invoice will be printed separately. You can choose a different Label and Invoice size.
      • Collated – The label and invoice will be assembled with a predetermined order. You can only choose one Document size. Print order is Label > Invoice.
    • Label Size
    • Invoice Size
    • Document Size

After you have enabled your desired carriers and configured your default preferences:

  1. Go to Manage Orders > select orders > Buy Shipping From Amazon (Show me where!).
    This will bring you to the next page where you can Get Eligible Services.
  2. Make sure that all required fields (indicated with a red asterisk) are filled out and correct.
    Weight and dimensions will be populated based on the values defined on your products. If there are no values entered on a product level, the weight and dimensions from previous shipments will be used.
  3. Click Get Eligible Services.
    Note: Click on the gear icon if you need to return to the Bulk Shipping Preferences page.
  4. Select a shipping method based on the returned rates.
  5. Click Buy Shipping. The order will be updated with a Shipped status and with tracking in Sellercloud and Seller Central.
  6. Download the shipping label.
    Note: The size of your labels and invoices will depend on your Package Preferences settings.
Sellercloud will only retrieve services that match your selected preferences and match Amazon’s shipping requirements for the selected orders.
Amazon will only return carriers (e.g FedEx, UPS, etc.) that are enabled in Seller Central and services (e.g Ground, 2 Day) that fit the delivery window for an order. Sellercloud will then filter out the carriers/services based on your preferences outlined above and select the best (cheapest) method automatically. If there are no available rates for your preferred services, you will see a warning message.

Bulk Shipping Purchases

In the Bulk Shipping Purchases panel, you will be able to see all of the labels you ordered and re-print/download them either individually or in bulk. This is helpful if you want to change your settings and print your labels/invoices in a different size.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Companies > Select company.
  2. Go to Toolbox > Amazon Settings > Bulk Shipping Purchases.
  3. Select your desired orders from the grid.
  4. Click on Download labels & Invoices or Download labels for a bulk action and mark the batch as printed (this option is pre-selected by default), or download the labels individually.

If an order was shipped via this method, you will see an indication in the Shipping Tab from the Order Details page > Toolbox. In the Shipping Details panel, a new Batch ID field will be visible, and the ID itself will be a hyperlink that leads to the Batch.

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