Google’s Retail Search Solves One of the Biggest Issues With Your Website

Even the most powerful on-site search tools can only do so much to connect customers to products if your catalog is in disarray. To get the most out of any search tool – Retail Search or otherwise – you want to be sure to create listings that balance broad appeal with your most profitable audiences.

It all stems from the same concept that makes Retail Search work – customer intent. When a shopper visits your website, you need to be able to provide them with both the experience and products they are expecting to find. Ideally, customers should be able to find the items they want within a few clicks. For that to be possible, your product titles, descriptions, and image naming conventions need to include as many of the keywords (both singular and long-tail) as possible that align with what you are selling.

You also need to keep in mind the ways your customers would describe the items in your catalog. While advanced tools like Retail Search will help connect these dots for you, you can improve your odds of matching customer intent – and in turn, your conversion rate – by researching customer behavior.

There are a variety of ways to approach this:

  • Use free keyword research tools like Google Trends or other premium alternatives to identify and compare the popularity of certain relevant keywords and descriptive phrases.
  • Look for terms and phrases that pop up in customer reviews, testimonials, and feedback that could be incorporated into your catalog copy.
  • Conduct competitor research to see what other sellers in your space are using to describe comparable products to your own.

Once your website is able to pair customers with their perfect products, your work still isn’t finished. Your listings should never be static. As times change, your listings need to change with them. Using cart data and shopping trends, you can even make connections between products that can lead to profitable upselling and cross-selling possibilities.

Sellercloud’s catalog features are designed to make creating and updating your listings efficient and painless. Our omnichannel platform gives you the ability to make SEO– and keyword-focused optimizations to your listings one time and have them populate across all of the channels where you sell.

From there, Sellercloud’s order, inventory, and shipping workflows make it possible to deliver reliable and streamlined fulfillment your customers expect.

All told, the combination of an effective retail website and Sellercloud’s omnichannel growth platform gives you the ability to produce a customer-focused shopping experience that maximizes profitability and is perpetually scalable.Contact us directly for a free demo and experience for yourself how Sellercloud can help you grow your website sales while optimizing the rest of your omnichannel presence at the same time.

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