Voice-Based Shopping is Not a Fad – Is Your Product Catalog Compatible?

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Market penetration of voice-enabled devices continues to rise. Gone are the days when a smartphone was the lone avenue for talking to Google’s, Apple’s, and Amazon’s virtual assistants. Between smart speakers, smart TVs, and other smart appliances, there are now countless ways for users to call out a request and receive a response from their preferred virtual companion. With so many people cooped up at home this spring, smart devices have certainly gotten a workout.

Whether it’s “OK Google,” “Hey, Siri,” or “Alexa?,” simple voice commands are not only replacing typing, they are becoming part of the lexicon. While voice recognition technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds (thanks in large part to Make Your Listings Voice-Friendly

A lot of what makes voice-enabled searches work is the same as what drives search engine optimization (SEO). At the end of the day, AI searches (text, image, or voice) come down to a series of ever-evolving algorithms. Companies keep the specifics of these algorithms pretty close to the vest (to avoid giving users opportunities to game them), but there are general best practices that remain fairly consistent:

Again, search-related optimizations (voice or otherwise) are never an exact science. It will take time and possibly even some A/B testing to zero in on verbiage that yields the best returns. Making things more challenging, most marketplaces and search engines won’t surface many (if any) voice-specific metrics.

The good news is that the majority of your voice-focused optimizations will correlate to stronger listing quality in general. Catering to voice shopping audiences shouldn’t cost you with text-based searchers.

Sellercloud Simplifies the Process of Optimizing Your Listings for Voice Shopping

By making voice-search listing optimizations through your Sellercloud catalog, you can save yourself valuable time and ensure that your changes populate across all of your e-commerce channels. That means the same revisions you make to help Alexa boost your third-party sales can also be used to improve your first-party sales through Google Shopping Actions.

Creating, editing, and managing listings with Sellercloud is a straightforward process. In addition to its undeniable convenience, our platform also conducts checks to help be sure your listings maintain compliance across all of the channels where you sell. The result is a combination of convenience and peace of mind.Check out our guide for more on how Sellercloud gives you control over how you create, revise, and even A/B test your entire catalog of product listings – and why you should.

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