Reebelo Logs $5.8 Million in Revenue for 2022

Reebelo is a young, rapidly growing electronics reseller from Singapore. Reebelo’s growth is not surprising as the resale market continues to balloon.

‘Resale’ continues to be a major buzzword in e-commerce in 2023, a sweeping trend that started in 2022, and it’s becoming rather profitable for some businesses, such as Reebelo.

While fashion tends to garner most of the attention in the resale market, with companies like ThredUp reporting a 28% increase in sales, Singapore-based electronics reseller Reebelo is also making waves.

According to an article by Miguel Cordon of Tech In Asia, Reebelo’s revenue has grown nearly six-fold since 2022. Cordon also highlighted the following:

  • Reebelo made $5.8 million in revenue from October 1, 2021, to December 31, 2022.
  • Global sales tripled; US sales grew by 25%.
  • Reebelo secured “$29 million for its series A round and opened a headquarters in the US.”

It’s all rather impressive when you consider that Philip Franta and Fabien Rastouil only founded Reebelo in 2019.

Outside the US and Singapore, Reebelo also operates in Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, and Malaysia.

Elsewhere, particularly in the fashion industry, established brands are rapidly expanding into resale, with H&M launching ‘H&M Pre-Loved’ earlier this year to resell its used clothing.

Though sustainability is an attractive element of the resale e-commerce industry, customers primarily seek out used or refurbished products because they are cheaper.

However, Reebelo’s success contrasts with other e-commerce players, such as Zulily, which recently laid off staff to help cut costs, according to an article by Taylor Soper of GeekWire.

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