PST Pool Supplies

Industry: Pool Supplies
Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Idaho Falls, ID
Company Size: 2 Employees

“We needed a solution in a partner that we could talk to about a feature or something we needed and actually see that thing happen. We didn’t get that with ChannelAdvisor or other companies we had used before.”

Sal Paldino, Owner

PST Pool Supplies owner Sal Paldino can summarize his experience with Sellercloud in three words: unparalleled customer service.

As one of the top pool and spa parts suppliers in the country with thousands of SKUs and hundreds of suppliers, PST’s own operations and, ultimately, success depended on the same.

The Challenge

As a company reliant on APIs and drop shipping, efficiency and order accuracy were at the top of the priority list. Leadership had to ensure that orders being placed were being shipped to correct addresses and customers. A large degree of customization was needed due to the nature of the processes involved, so it was a necessity that PST found a company that was flexible but attentive in delivering new features and improvements.

Initially a ChannelAdvisor customer, Paldino believed that PST would receive the attention and service that came with the price tag. “That wasn’t the case though. Very quickly it became very apparent that you don’t get what you pay for. And very quickly, we also realized it wasn’t about the price, but the flexibilty and customization offered.”

The Solution

PST needed a company that would listen, and Sellercloud was it.

“The difference with Sellercloud versus the others is that, right from the start, they’re spending time with you to understand your business and what you need.”

As they continued to learn more about the platform, they began to realize how many other aspects of their business Sellercloud’s tools and abilities touched. “Sellercloud pays attention to very small things other companies ignore. It’s as simple as that,” Paldino points out.

The Results

Since joining Sellercloud, sales have increased between 25-35%. Paldino credits Sellercloud’s custom support and flexibility as main drivers.

“We’re selling twice as much and paying half as less as we were at ChannelAdvisor. I didn’t leave ChannelAdvisor because it was expensive. It was an obvious move to make, and we wish we would have done it sooner.”

“”When I was at ChannelAdvisor I had zero support. With Sellercloud, I have it all.””

Sal Paldino, Owner