Top Apparel Retailers Generated $131.56 Billion in 2022

Retailers experienced steady growth in 2022, which is excellent news. Digital Commerce 360 uncovered a variety of interesting stats for the year.

According to an article by Digital Commerce 360, the top 1,000 apparel and accessories retailers grew 5.1% in 2022 compared to 2021, generating approximately $131.56 billion.

This is exceptional news, as there had been concerns that inflation-hit shoppers may change their shopping habits.

In fact, the report noted that “Seven in 10 online shoppers are buying the same amount or more apparel online compared with last year.”

Other Insights

Digital Commerce 360 also surveyed 1,003 online shoppers in partnership with Bizrate Insights to better understand customers’ relationships with apparel retailers.

Here are some of the other findings from their survey:

  • 30% of shoppers change their wardrobe seasonally.
  • “Four in 10 apparel buyers purchased 26% or more of their online apparel purchases in the past year on Amazon.”
  • 20% track retailer markdown strategies and only buy on sale.
  • “46% appreciate the ability to compare products.”
  • Ratings and reviews are essential to 66% of shoppers.
  • 63% of participants enjoy trying on a product, while 59% appreciate seeing it in person.
  • “43% don’t want to pay for shipping.”