Walmart’s Assortment Growth Dashboard and Sellercloud

  • Walmart’s Assortment Growth Dashboard is a tool that recommends products to add to your catalog based on demand signals and category data. Optimize your assortment on with the Assortment Growth Dashboard.
  • Sellercloud has developed an API connection to allow users to utilize Walmart’s Assortment Growth Dashboard to facilitate continued growth for their customers.

Every business strives to gain an edge over its competitors, stand out more to customers, and to grow overall. Employing an assortment growth strategy can be one of the best ways.

However, creating an effective assortment growth strategy is easier said than done. You must identify which products would be best for your catalog and maintain control over your inventory of those products.

In this article, we’ll explain assortment growth, Walmart’s Assortment Growth Dashboard, and how to make the most of it with Sellercloud.

What Does ‘Assortment Growth’ Mean?

Assortment growth is a strategy in which businesses expand their product catalog to gain a bigger market share by selling the same or similar products to their competitors.

For example, you sell camping and hunting equipment on the Walmart Marketplace, and you notice a competitor selling the same brand of tents.

However, they have variations you don’t have—different colors, sizes, and unique features—variations that are trending on

Including the same variations in your product catalog would be advantageous to capture a greater market share and reach more customers.

Why is Assortment Growth Important in E-commerce Businesses? 

Expanding product assortment is crucial for sellers looking to stay ahead in today’s market, but it isn’t a simple feat.

On the one hand, customer needs change rapidly, and e-commerce sellers must be able to react quickly to trends if they want their catalog to remain compelling.

On the other hand, misjudging the market can lead to a waste of money, space, labor, and other resources on items that won’t sell. 

Ultimately, employing an assortment growth strategy makes your business more appealing to customers because you have a wider variety of products.

To catapult your growth, you need the right products. That is exactly what Walmart’s Assortment Growth Dashboard is here to accomplish.

What is Walmart Marketplace’s Assortment Growth Dashboard?

The Assortment Growth Dashboard can be found in Walmart Seller Center and uses customer demand signals and category data to recommend products that would be most beneficial to add to your catalog.

This tool recommends best-selling items using customer demand signals, category data, and more. With the assortment growth dashboard, Walmart Marketplace sellers can make informed, data-driven decisions about product assortment that will drive business growth.

The Assortment Growth Dashboard also allows sellers to filter by price, category, and brand to drill down into what they want. Businesses can also use the search field to find precisely what product they want to add.

It is also possible to add products immediately to your catalog with the ‘quick set up item’ action or save them for later. Sellers can also bulk download suggestions.

Walmart sellers can source for products in the Assortment Growth Dashboard and even encounter products not currently listed on

With the Assortment Growth Dashboard, you can:

  • Take the guesswork out of selling: Through personalized recommendations that’ll help you grow your catalog and boost sales.
  • Harness the power of data: To gain valuable insights into your product performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions. The dashboard provides key metrics such as sales, impressions, conversion rates, and more.
  • Set up new items effortlessly: Add suggested items immediately with the quick set-up item action.
  • Stay up to date on market trends: The Assortment Growth Dashboard offers new topical suggestions every few days.

Periodically return to the dashboard to keep up with new product recommendations for your catalog every few days.

You can learn more about the Assortment Growth Dashboard from Walmart’s website here.

What Are the Risks of Assortment Growth?

While an assortment growth strategy is highly beneficial, it’s not without its risks, and you should be aware of them before attempting any strategy.

Firstly, your catalog can become overextended, and managing a large and ever-growing number of new products can be challenging.

Not only do you need to manage marketplace listings, but a large influx of new products can result in additional inventory management complexity.

Furthermore, maintaining quality can be difficult. In a rush to add as many new products as possible, you may put quantity over quality, which can discourage customers and result in a higher return rate.

On top of that, offering a more diverse range of products will mean your business must work with many different vendors, and depending on the types of products you sell, you may need to comply with different regulations.

Sellercloud eliminates these challenges by providing the tools you need to manage a large, diverse catalog of products.

With inventory management solutions that handle the most complex inventory challenges in the e-commerce industry, Sellercloud subscribers have no reason to worry about managing the new inventory and even managing the listings of that inventory.

Managing vendors is a breeze, saving settings, prices, rules, and more—all from your vendor’s profile. 

How Does Sellercloud Support Walmart’s Assortment Growth Dashboard?

Sellercloud is an all-in-one e-commerce solution for your catalog, inventory, orders, purchasing, fulfillment, and shipping needs, and an early adopter of Walmart’s Assortment Growth Dashboard.

Using Sellercloud to improve the efficiency of your Walmart operations, sellers can overcome the challenges of a rapidly growing and constantly evolving product catalog and complex inventory operations.

Sellers can also adopt Skustack, Sellercloud’s WMS (Warehouse Management System), and Skublox for order sorting to enhance warehouse operations.

Furthermore, in Sellercloud, sellers can manage multiple companies per client, which can help maintain brand identity. You can also create a customer portal with Orderback to simplify the returns process.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whatever strategy you pursue to grow your business, Sellercloud and its ecosystem can help you overcome inventory challenges, automate processes to reduce mistakes and enable growth.

Watch the video below to learn how the Adir Group took its Walmart sales to the next level with Sellercloud.

Book a demo today to find out how Sellercloud can improve your Walmart Marketplace sales.

Key Points

You’re now ready to take advantage of Walmart’s Assortment Growth dashboard. Remember these key points.

  • Assortment growth is a strategy in which businesses expand the range of products and product variations they offer to gain a larger market share and competitive advantage.
  • Walmart’s Assortment Growth Dashboard uses customer demand signals and category data to recommend the best products to add to their Walmart Marketplace catalog.
  • The biggest challenge of assortment growth strategies is that your catalog can become overextended, making it difficult to keep your inventory in order.
  • Sellercloud makes using Walmart’s Assortment Growth Dashboard easier by supporting your inventory operations, catalog, and much more.