How to Get the Most Out of Walmart’s Repricer with Sellercloud’s API Integration

  • The Walmart Marketplace Repricer is a free tool that helps Walmart sellers automatically update product prices to compete for the Buy Box and potentially maximize their sales.
  • Sellercloud is integrated with Walmart’s Repricer and offers a variety of features to help you maximize your Walmart sales.

Getting ahead of your competition is a never-ending and time-consuming challenge. Price is often the most critical factor for customers, who will usually not even consider your product if it’s just slightly more expensive.

Using a repricer helps sellers actively stay on top of their competitors and capture the lion’s share of the Buy Box. The Walmart Marketplace Repricer is designed to do just that for the Walmart Marketplace.

In this article, we’ll explain what a repricer is and does, explain everything there is to know about the Walmart Marketplace Repricer, and how to make the most of it with Sellercloud.

What Is a Repricer?

A repricer is an e-commerce solution that keeps product pricing dynamic by monitoring competitor prices and updating your product prices automatically, keeping you competitive and saving you time from researching and manually updating prices.

Repricers are used on many different marketplaces, and the primary reason to use a marketplace repricer is to win the ‘Buy Box.’

On the Walmart Marketplace, the Buy Box is the box on the right side of a product listing. It displays what the algorithm has determined as the best option available for the product (where it says ‘Add to cart’).

Winning the Buy Box means your product will be the first option shown to buyers on the product page. 

Buyers are more likely to click buy on what is shown in the Buy Box than to look into others on offer, which are shown below ‘Compare all sellers.’ This is especially true for mobile users.

If your competition can reprice faster, you will fail to win the Buy Box and lose sales because your pricing is higher than your competitors. High-volume sellers and sellers who sell highly competitive products benefit the most from repricers.

However, price is not the only factor determining who wins the Buy Box. It also considers a seller’s location, return rate, reviews, shipping times, and other factors.

You could match the price as the lowest product on offer, but their reviews are higher than yours, so they will continue to win the Buy Box.

That said, price is the most important and only factor you can control, and regular repricing directly impacts your ability to gain and hold the Buy Box.

Click ‘Compare all sellers’ on any product, and you will notice that they are usually at a higher price than what’s shown in the Buy Box.

When using a repricer, you should set maximum and minimum product pricing limits. You must consider shipping costs and how pricing will impact your margins.

Pricing a product too low will harm profitability, so you must set rules to prevent a ‘race to the bottom’ that could be bad for your business.

Repricer rules are not always to match the lowest price; they can follow other logic and complex rules to maximize gaining the Buy Box and protecting your margins.

How Does Walmart’s Repricer Work?

Natively built for the Walmart Marketplace, Walmart’s repricer is designed to help Walmart sellers meet the needs of modern shoppers.

The Walmart Marketplace Repricer is a free, automated pricing tool that helps sellers stay ahead of the competition in a world where online prices are constantly changing.

Sellers can pick the pricing strategy that best fits their needs, and the repricer automatically adjusts prices accordingly, saving time and helping their products stand out.

With Walmart’s repricer, you can choose one of three repricer strategy rules:

  • External Price. Adjust your prices to beat or meet prices on other e-commerce platforms.
  • Buy Box Price. Automatically make updates to help you beat the Buy Box price on
  • Competitive Price. Adjust your price to beat whichever price is most competitive between the Walmart Buy Box price or the external price.

Find out more about the Walmart Marketplace Repricer here.

How Does Sellercloud Support Walmart’s Repricer?

Sellercloud is the No. 1 e-commerce solution for complete control of your e-commerce operations across your sales channels, whether on Walmart or anywhere else.

Sellercloud is fully integrated with Walmart’s repricer and offers a wide range of products and features to take your Walmart sales to the next level.

When you start using the Walmart Marketplace Repricer and winning the Buy Box more frequently, you will need a robust inventory and order management solution to keep up with the influx of orders. Sellercloud will have you covered from all angles.

Furthermore, Sellercloud’s advanced reporting features assess the profitability of your sales so you can avoid selling at a loss.

Sellercloud also integrates with various other repricers, including Feedvisor,, Seller Snap, Wiser, and more.

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Key Points

You now know how the Walmart Marketplace Repricer can make your products more competitive and help win the Walmart Buy Box. Remember these key points.

  • E-commerce sellers use repricers to match competitor pricing and win the Buy Box. If their product wins the Buy Box, it will be the first shown to buyers, significantly increasing sales.
  • Price is crucial for winning the Buy Box, but reviews, seller return rate, location, and other factors are also important.
  • The Walmart Marketplace Repricer is built specifically for the Walmart Marketplace and can be used by Walmart sellers for free.
  • Sellercloud is integrated with the Walmart Marketplace Repricer and offers various tools for maximizing your Walmart sales.