USA Supply Source

Industry: Electronics
Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Monsey, NY
Company Size: 7 Employees

“From the start, Sellercloud assigned an account manager to help us transition from our previous software provider to Sellercloud. It was too easy.”

Moshe Cohen, Founder

USA Supply Source, based in Monsey, NY, and founded in 2012 by Moshe Cohen, sells safety, construction, and utility gear. Appealing to customers ranging from backyard hobbyists to professional construction crews, USA Supply Source has become one of the nation’s top equipment suppliers in the last decade.
As the USA Supply Source team began branching out from sales on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, they needed a software solution that could grow with them. They found that in Sellercloud.

The Challenge

As an already-established company, Cohen had led USA Supply Source to feature its products on some of the world’s largest online marketplaces. Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, and were among those they had already integrated with.
However, poised for significant growth from the success they had seen in early years, Cohen also knew they needed to continue to expand. The most crucial aspect of that expansion was integration with more online marketplaces where new customer segments could be reached. Opportunity was there, but as Cohen remarked, they “needed software that would grow and work with them as they grew. They needed customization.”

The Solution

Though USA Supply Source had tried several competitors before finding Sellercloud, Cohen knew Sellercloud was what they had been looking for as soon as they made the switch.
The team integrated their systems with ShipBridge, Sellercloud’s multi-carrier, omnichannel fulfillment tool, to facilitate all shipping processes. The dashboards that Sellercloud provided created robust reporting tools they had never had access to before.
Ben Weinstein, USA Supply Source’s Director of Logistics, explained that Sellercloud completely revolutionized the way they kept their inventory. “It’s helped us streamline everything. Our inventory is always accurate, and we can receive purchase orders quickly and eficiently from our vendors.”

The Results

The results of making the switch to Sellercloud were more than clear for the USA Supply Source team. Sellercloud helped take the USA Supply Source product catalogue from 3,000 items to more than 25,000 items.
“Sellercloud provides all of the necessary components of running your day to day operations. Everything is all-in-one,” Cohen said.
“Sellercloud is the leading provider of software for online retailers,” Cohen stated.”

“Whenever we need to automate any kind of process or method, it’s always doable. The answer is always ‘yes.’ And Sellercloud works with you to figure out the best possible method”

Moshe Cohen, Founder