Stratton Home Decor

Industry: Home & Garden Products
Founded: 1973
Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Company Size: 31 Employees

“Sellercloud has been a huge reason as to why we’ve been able to grow so quickly. They help us manage the entire process.”

Evan Merkur, President

Stratton Home Decor, a family owned and operated company started by Joel Merkur in 1973, sells wall decor and other home goods. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Stratton Home Decor has grown both its team and presence over the years from solely US-based to international.

Though the company began as a manufacturing company in the 1970s, Stratton’s current president, Evan Merkur, helped the company transition to a mostly import-based business in the mid-2010s.

As Stratton Home Decor pivoted business models, the rise of e-commerce also brought significant opportunities and obstacles Sellercloud would eventually help them master.

The Challenge

In 2014, Stratton Home Decor‘s leadership decided it was time to move into the world of e-commerce. It was a new frontier for the company – one they knew little about but one that was critical for them to adapt to immediately.

As a third-party fulfillment center, Stratton Home Decor does not sell directly to the end user or consumer. Rather, they process orders from their online retail partners and ship directly to the customer.

We were on one online marketplace initially, and it was manageable. We could keep track of all of our sales and inventory fairly easily. But it was an entirely different story the minute we thought about expanding,” Stratton Home Deco President Evan Merkur mentioned.

The Solution

Giselle Solano, Stratton Home Decor‘s E-commerce Specialist, spoke to the power of Sellercloud’s all-in-one platform.

“Sellercloud became our main order center. It’s where we process orders, fulfill them, and ship them straight to the customer,” Giselle Solano, Stratton Home Decor‘s E-commerce Specialist

With two warehouses – one in California and one in Florida – Sellercloud helped the Stratton Home Decor team automatically decide which to ship from. That inventory was then tracked and updated instantly across the company’s internal systems.

Stratton Home Decor also employed ShipBridge, Sellercloud’s multi-carrier, omnichannel fulfillment tool, to facilitate all shipping processes.

The Results

In 2016, prior to integrating with Sellercloud, Stratton Home Deco was selling on five e-commerce marketplaces. By 2018, after joining Sellercloud, that number jumped to 16.

“Sellercloud has been a huge reason as to why we’ve been able to grow so quickly. They help us manage the entire process,” Evan Merkur, President

Merkur ended by saying, “Integrating Sellercloud has cut our staff and labor significantly, and the mistakes made in the warehouse have decreased dramatically. Customers are getting the correct product at the correct time now. Sellercloud has been a critically integral part of our growth in e-commerce.”